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Entrepreneur Certificate Program(TB)

A series of courses designed to improve the competence of individuals in setting up and running their own business.

This program is only open to non-business students enrolled in any degree program at Lakehead University.

1. All required courses must be taken at Lakehead University.
2. The certificate will be conferred at the same time as/upon completion of a degree at Lakehead University provided the student has attained a grade of no less than 60% in each of the courses of the certificate program.

Business 1011 - Introduction to Management or Business 1511 - Basics of Management
Business 1012 - Financial Accounting or Business 1512 - Basics of Accounting
Business 1013 - Business Computing or Business 1513 - Basics of Business Computing
Business 2514 - Entrepreneurial Marketing
Business 2538 - Entrepreneurial Human Resources
Business 3215 - Principles of Entrepreneurship