Thunder Bay • Orillia

HBOR, BEd (Outdoor Recreation) I/S(TB)

Six Year program

Prior to Entry into the 2-Year Professional Program
In concurrent Education programs at the Intermediate/Senior level, students must meet and complete requirements of the partnering Honours degree program including all Pre-Professional Program Education requirements. (See Concurrent Degree Programs Information for Education requirements)

Students must choose two teachable subjects, the first of which is Environmental Science for students in Outdoor Recreation, Parks & Tourism. Students are recommended to take a breadth of Science courses for this teachable. See Department of Undergraduate Studies in Education, Levels and Teachables.

First Year:
(a) Outdoor Recreation 1010, 1070, 1150, 1310
(b) English 1016 and one half-course in English, French, or an Indigenous language
(c) One of: Anthropology 1032 and 1034; Economics 1100; Geography 1120; Political Science 1100; Psychology 1100; Sociology 1100
(d) One half-course elective
(e) Education 1050

Second Year:
(a) Outdoor Recreation 2210, 2270, 2350, 2511, 2755
(b) Outdoor Recreation 2910 (non-credit course)
(c) Two FCE electives
(d) Education 2050

Third Year:
(a) Outdoor Recreation 3050, 3312, 3380
(b) Four half-courses in Outdoor Recreation at the third year level
(c) One half-course elective at the second year level or higher
(d) One half-course Education elective (see Electives in the Department of Undergraduate Studies in Education Courses list)
Note: Concurrent Education students should check the timetable for Pre-Professional Program course offerings.

Fourth Year:
(a) Outdoor Recreation 4920
(b) Four half-courses in Outdoor Recreation at the fourth year level
(c) Two FCE electives at the second year level or higher

Fifth and Sixth Years (2-Year Professional Program):
Concurrent Education (Intermediate/Senior) requirements