Thunder Bay • Orillia

Department of Health Sciences

Associate Professor and Chair E. Wiersma (Acting)
Professors M. Albert (Chemistry),
  M. Bedard,
  L. Wu
Associate Professors P. Brink,
  V.L. Kristman,
  L. Martin,
  D. Mazmanian (Psychology),
  K, McQueen (Nursing),
  H. Moller,
  E. Wiersma
Assistant Professors C. Mushquash (Psychology),
  J. Scott
Adjunct Professors K. Allan,
  J. Andersen,
  J.D. Cassidy,
  C. Cheng,
  R. Crocker-Ellacott,
  C. Dakubo,
  J.L. Dewar,
  S. Dubois,
  N. Khaper (NOSM West Campus),
  J. Kotalik (NOSM),
  N. Lightfoot,
  L. Marshall,
  M. Powloski,
  L. Sieswerda,
  M. Ulanova (NOSM West Campus),
  D. Williams


There are currently no undergraduate degrees in Health Sciences. Through its graduate program offerings in Public Health and Health Sciences, the Department of Health Sciences provides students with an understanding of the complexities of public health and health sciences through a focus on individuals, communities, and organizations. Students will emerge as qualified public health professionals and health researchers who will contribute to the enhancement of the health of Canadians and people abroad through advanced health-related knowledge, critical analysis skills, and understanding of decision-making and research processes.