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Department Regulations

Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate Program Regulations

1. A student is subject to the general academic University Regulations and the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences Regulations as stated in the University Calendar.
2. A mark of at least 70% for each of Nursing 5610, 5615,5616, 5630, 5635, 5636 and 5840 will be required for credit. Nursing 5615, 5616, 5635, 5636 and 5840 have clinical components graded on a pass/fail basis. Students will be allowed to repeat one course, once only; i.e. not more than one course may be repeated. If a student fails the course on the second try, the student will be required to withdraw from the Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate Program.
3. A student will be removed from the clinical area if his/her performance is deemed to be unsafe or unethical and it may ultimately result in termination from the program. Unsafe practice is any situation arising from a student's interaction with a client which places the client and/or student at risk for harm (refer also to the School of Nursing Safety Policy Statement). Unethical practice is any act that violates the principles and values as stated in the Canadian Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses (2008) and the College of Nurses of Ontario Ethics Practice Standard (2008).