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Master of Science in Management MSc(Mgt) (Thesis)(TB)

The Master of Science in Management thesis track consists of three full-course equivalents (six half-courses), plus a thesis (two full-course equivalents) for a total of 5 FCEs. The courses are:

(a) Required Courses:
Business 5011 - Management Theory
Business 5056 - Research Methods
Business 5076 - Quantitative Analysis in Management
Business 5211 - Current Issues in Management
(b) A half-course chosen from the following list of Business Seminar Alternatives:
Business 5036 - Seminar in Operations and Supply Chain Management
Business 5054 - Seminar in Marketing
Business 5079 - Seminar in Finance
Business 5212 - Seminar in Accounting Issues
Business 5238 - Seminar in Human Resources Management
(c) A half-course graduate elective chosen from (b) above (or a half-course, in another program in the Faculty of Graduate Studies, that complements the thesis topic), chosen in consultation with the supervisor
(d) Business 5901 (9901) - Master's Thesis

The topic of the thesis must be determined in consultation with the student's supervisor by the beginning of the second term of registration.