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Mathematics Programs Information

Chair of the Department of Mathematical Sciences  A. J. Dean
Professors: A.J. Dean,
  A.P. Dean,
  W. Huang,
  G. Lee,
  D. Li,
  L. Liu,
  T. Miao,
  A. Van Tuyl
Associate Professors: R. Anisca,
  Y. Chen,
  M. Ilie,
  F. Ting
Assistant Professor:
M.G. Viola (Orillia only)
Professors Emeriti of Mathematical Sciences:
W. Eames,
  E. Green,
  J.S. Griffith,
  C.F. Kent,
  P. Mah,
  S.A. Naimpally,
  J.H. M.Whitfield

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers programs leading to Bachelor's degrees in Arts and programs leading to Bachelor's degrees and a Master's degree in Science. A Minor in Mathematics is also available (see Mathematics Science Programs).

Mathematics Arts Programs
Mathematics Science Programs