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Program Regulations

Department of Sustainability Sciences Regulations

Academic Regulations
See the University Regulations section and the Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies Regulations section of this Calendar for conditions to enter, proceed in, and graduate from this program.  

  1. Students in the HBASc Environmental Sustainability Major are required to satisfactorily complete 20 FCEs, including 15.5 FCEs requirements in Environmental Sustainability. A total of 4.5 FCEs of elective courses may be chosen from within or outside of the Department (see Recommended List of Electives). Up to 1 FCE of these electives may be taken from any faculty.
  2. A maximum of seven (7) FCE first year or zero level courses may be satisfactorily completed and counted towards the HBASc degree.
  3. At least five (5) FCE courses must be satisfactorily completed at the third year level or above for the HBASc.
  4. The last five (5) FCE courses must be taken while registered in the HBASc programs except with permission of the Chair of Sustainability Sciences.
  5. To graduate with an HBASc in Environmental Sustainability, a student must have a minimum overall grade average of 70% in the required courses of the program.
  6. An HBASc student who has not met the requirement of a cumulative B average (70%) may be permitted, with reasonable expectation of success and with the approval of the Chair of Sustainability Sciences to proceed on probation into the succeeding year of his/her program. 
  7. A student who cannot meet the 70% average by the end of third year, will be given the option to transfer to the non-direct entry 4-year BASc in Environmental Sustainability.
  8. A student admitted to an Environmental Sustainability program after having failed a program in another department/school will receive credit for only those courses in which at least a C grade has been obtained and which are applicable to the Environmental Sustainability program.