Thunder Bay • Orillia

HBASc (Environmental Sustainability Major) with Specialization in Ecosystem Management - Pathway with Georgian College (O)

Four Year program

This combined degree/diploma program is offered jointly by Lakehead University and Georgian College. Students will concurrently pursue the HBASc (Environmental Sustainability) with Specialization in Ecosystem Management offered by Lakehead University and the Environmental Technician diploma offered by Georgian College.

The first and second years of the program are offered on the Barrie campus of Georgian College; the third and fourth years are offered on the Orillia campus of Lakehead University.  Students must successfully complete the following Lakehead and *Georgian courses in order to receive both the diploma and the degree.  Based on the successful completion of the 14 *Georgian courses listed, a total of 4.5 FCEs will be credited towards the HBASc (Environmental Sustainability) with Specialization in Ecosystem Management. 

Within the program requirements, the Ecosystem Management Specialization consists of the following 3 FCEs: NRMT 1010, BIOL 3151, ENSU 3033, ENSU 3113, GEOG 4211, and either NRMT 3135 or BIOL 4115.

First Year (Fall and Winter) Georgian College - Barrie Campus
(a) Environmental Sustainability 1033, 2033, 2111
(b) Biology 1130 and 1110
(c) Mathematics 0210 or Mathematics 0212
(d) Natural Resources Management 1010
(e) Geology 1130
(f) *Georgian courses – COMP1059L, ENVR1005L, MATH1018L

Second Year (Fall and Winter) Georgian College - Barrie Campus
(a) Biology 2210
(b) Geography 2232
(c) *Georgian courses - CHEM1003L, CHEM2002L, ENVR1007L, ENVR2004L, ENVR2014L, ENVR2017L, ENVR2018L, ENVR2019L, ENVR2020L, LAWS2010L, SURV2002L

Second Year (Spring/Summer)
(a) Economics 2212

Third Year (Lakehead University - Orillia Campus)
(a) Biology 2711
(b) Natural Resources Management 2054/Indigenous Learning 2054
(c) Geography  2331 and 2351
(d) Environmental Sustainability 3013, 3033, 3053, 3073, and 3113
(e) Geography 3471 or Environmental Sustainability 3111

Fourth Year (Lakehead University - Orillia Campus)
(a) Biology 3610, 3151, and 4711
(b) Environmental Sustainability 4010 and 4033, or Environmental Sustainability 4901
(c) Environmental Sustainability 4013, 4110 and 4111
(d) Geography 4211
(e) Biology 4115 or Natural Resources Management 3135


1) The Indigenous Content Requirement is being met by the completion of NRMT2054 in the 3rd year of the program.

2) * Denotes courses offered by Georgian College.  Course descriptions can be found on the Georgian College website.