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English Programs Information Page

Chair of the Department of English A. Guttman
Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities B. Burmingham
Principal, Orillia D. Jobin-Bevans
Professors: A. Guttman,
  J.M. Richardson
Associate Professors: A.G. den Otter (English/Interdisciplinary Studies),
  M. Flegel,
  D. Hannah,
  D.W. Hayes,
  D. Ivison,
  J.A. Leggatt,
  C. Lousley (English/Interdisciplinary Studies),
  C.A. Parkes,
  S. Pound,
  J. Roth (Women's Studies),
  B.B. Stolar,
  R. Warburton
Assistant Professors:
M. Haiven
Professors Emeriti/ae of English: D.F. Crozier,
  J.T. Forbes,
  J.F. Futhey,
  J.H. Gellert,
  W.G. Heath,
  F.M. Holmes,
  P. Jasen,
  C.G. Liman,
  S.R. MacGillivray,
  D.B. Parsons
  S. Tiura,
Contract Lecturers: K. Bishop,
   R. Dubec
  J. Fell,
  T. Maki Chahal,
  R. Menhart,
  L. Rodenburg,
   C. Soldan

The Department offers programs leading to the Bachelor, Honours Bachelor, and Master of Arts degrees. All programs and electives should be chosen in consultation with the Department of English. The Department also offers minors in English and Writing. An English Major is available in the HBASc and HBASc/BEd offered at the Orillia Campus only. English programs are also offered concurrently with a BEd from the Department of Undergraduate Studies in Education.


The following English programs are offered:
Each program is marked with a TB, O or W designation to distinguish where each program is available.
(TB = Thunder Bay campus, O = Orillia campus, W = online)

Honours BASc (English Major) (O)
BASc (English Major) 4 Year (O)
Honours BA (English Major) (TB)(O)
BA (English Major) 4 Year (TB)(O)
BA (English Major) (TB)(O)
Honours BA (English Major) Dalian Transfer (TB)
Honours BA (English and French Majors) (TB)
BA (English and French Majors) 4 Year (TB)
Honours BA (English and History Majors) (TB)
BA (English and History Majors) 4 Year (TB)
Honours BA (Philosophy and English Majors) (TB)
BA (Philosophy and English Majors) 4 Year (TB)
Honours BA (English and Women's Studies Majors) (TB)
BA (English and Women's Studies Majors) 4 Year (TB)
English Minor Program (TB)(O)
Minor Program in Writing (TB)(O)
Specialization in Writing (TB)(O)
Certificate in Writing (TB)(O)
BA, BEd (English Major) P/J(TB)(O)
BA, BEd (English Major) I/S(TB)
BA, BEd (English Major) 4 Year P/J (TB)(O)
BA, BEd (English Major) 4 Year I/S (TB)
BASc, BEd (English Major) 4 Year P/J (O)
Honours BASc, BEd (English Major) P/J(O)
Honours BA, BEd (English Major) P/J(TB)(O)
Honours BA, BEd (English Major) I/S(TB)
Honours BA, BEd (English and French Major) I/S(TB)
Honours BA, BEd (English and History Major) I/S(TB)