Thunder Bay • Orillia

Doctoral (PhD) in Education Degree

Dean of the Faculty of Education  J. O'Meara
Chair of Graduate Studies and Research in Education  R.P. Berger
Graduate Coordinator R.P. Berger
Core Doctoral  
  S. Agbo (Education),
  A. Bartley (Education),
  R.P. Berger (Education),
  P.H. Brady (Education),
  J. Epp (Education),
  S. Grover (Education),
  M. Hoechsmann (Education Orillia),
  R.J.L. Jickling (Education Emeritus),
  A. Kajander (Education),
  L. Korteweg (Education),
  A. Lawson (Education),
  L. Livingston (Kinesiology),
  W. Melville (Education),
  J. O'Meara (Education),
  G. Passmore (Education),
  C.L. Russell (Education),
  P. Sameshima (Education) (Canada Research Chair),
  T. Socha (Education),
  C. Van Barneveld (Education),
  G. Walton (Education)
Non-Core Membership
  J. Oakley (Adjunct to Education)

The Joint PhD in Educational Studies is offered jointly by Brock University, Lakehead University, and the University of Windsor. The designation of "home university" is applied to the home university of the doctoral candidate's dissertation supervisor. The student has the right to take courses and seminars or to use the academic facilities at any of the participating universities in accordance with the approved plan.

The regulations governing the preparation of theses and conduct of examinations will be those of the supervisor's home university.

The degree requirements, regulations and procedures for the Joint PhD program have been approved by the appropriate governing body of each institution. Where there is a conflict in regulations and procedures:
- in academic matters, the regulations of the institution offering the course will prevail;
- in non-academic matters, the regulations of the institution at which the student is registered will prevail.


The joint program will accomplish the following goals:
1. provide greater access to advanced study in education for qualified candidates across a wider geographic range in the province;
2. promote the growth of research activity and professional development through collaboration among practitioners, scholars, educational institutions, and Faculties of Education;
3. foster inter-university links and promote partnerships among Ontario universities;
4. further the expansion of research culture and service throughout the province; and
5. contribute to the renewal of the professoriate and educational leadership in Ontario during the upcoming period of heavy retirement in the universities and school systems.

The objectives of the program are to produce graduate students who will:
1. contribute to the development of knowledge and expertise in teaching/learning at all levels on the education continuum;
2. contribute to the solution of problems/issues in Canadian education;
3. promote scholarly enquiry and the development of methodological advances in the study of education;
4. integrate theory and practice in education; and
5. assume positions of leadership in Faculties of Education, school systems, and other public- and private-sector institutions concerned with education.

The following program offerings are available in the Doctoral (PhD) in Education Degree Program:
Each program is marked with a TB, O or W designation to distinguish where each program is available.
(TB = Thunder Bay campus, O = Orillia campus, W = online)

Joint Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies (Cognition and Learning) (TB)
Joint Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies (Social/Cultural/Political Contexts) (TB)
Joint Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies (Leadership and Policy Studies) (TB)