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Master of Science in Computer Science (Thesis) (TB)

The Thesis Program:
A candidate admitted to the MSc Thesis Program will normally be expected to complete six half courses and a thesis, Computer Science 5901 (9901) (two FCEs) for a total of five FCEs. The half-courses consist of: Computer Science 5111, a half-course designated by the Department, two half-courses in Computer Science at the graduate level and two other half-courses at the graduate or fourth-year level, at least one of which must be from the Department of Computer Science. Of the graduate Computer Science courses taken, one half-course must be taken from each of at least two Groups (see Computer Science course groupings below). In addition, the candidate will be required to pursue a research program and complete a thesis which is considered the equivalent of two full courses. Successful completion of the thesis option requires a original contribution to a particular research area, approval of the written thesis by the examiners and a public oral presentation and defence of the thesis work. In addition to the credit course requirements, the non-credit course Computer Science 5010 is required and  normally taken in the final term unless otherwise determined by the Department.

NOTE: Students in this program must complete all requirements within six terms (2 years) of continuous registration. Moreover, the minimum number of academic terms required for graduation is five.

Computer Science Course Groupings

Group I:
Computer Science 5211 - Object Oriented Programming
Computer Science 5212 - Programming Languages
Computer Science 5213 - Computer Network Performance

Group II:
Computer Science 5311 - Applied Combinatorics
Computer Science 5312 - Scientific and Parallel Computing
Computer Science 5313 - Artificial Intelligence

Group III:
Computer Science 5450 - Mobile Programming
Computer Science 5451 - Advanced Multimedia Programming
Computer Science 5472 - Computer Graphics
Computer Science 5473 - Computer Security