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(Information about Course Numbering System)

Courses unmarked are second language courses.
The courses marked * are first language courses.
Courses marked ** are open to graduates of both programs wishing to extend their knowledge and do research in the area of their specialty as well as to any person similarly qualified.

The courses in the Algonquian series have the designation Algonquian. They are intended for students already fluent in an Algonquian language, in particular Ojibwe or Cree, and focus on analytical and literacy skills in the language spoken by the student. Students who have little or no prior knowledge of Ojibwe or Cree should register in Ojibwe or Cree as a Second Language courses.

The courses in the Ojibwe and Cree series are intended for students who wish to learn either Ojibwe ("A. Ojibwe As A Second Language") or Cree ("B Cree As A Second Language"), and are not normally intended for students already fluent in one of these languages.

Lakehead University offers introductory courses in two of the main dialect variants found in Ontario. Severn Ojibwe (sometimes also referred to as 'Oji-Cree,' and as Anihshininiimowin in the language itself) is the primary dialect spoken in much of Ontario north of the Berens River. It is frequently written using the traditional syllabic writing system; a wide variety of orthographic traditions, both alphabetic and syllabic, are used in Ojibwe dialects. Western Ojibwe refers to the dialects of Ojibwe spoken in communities from approximately Sault Ste. Marie in the east, along the north shore of Lake Superior, and through the Lake of the Woods area.

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