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Honours BSc (Biology Major) with Concentration in Biodiversity & Conservation (TB)

Four Year program

A student may in consultation with the department, enter the Honours BSc program in biology in any year providing an overall B average has been attained in the biology courses of the preceding years.

An overall average of at least 70% in all biology courses taken in the fourth year must also be maintained. Accumulative average of 70% in Biology courses is required in both the major and concentration.  Should the 70% average not be attained, the student may apply for the BSc (Biology) with Concentration in Animal Sciences Four Year degree.

At least ten Biology courses must be taken during the four years, six of which must be at the third year level or higher.

The Biology programs permit students to select courses according to their career aspirations. In addition to a variety of elective courses there is a set of core courses. Each student is required to take each of the following compulsory courses:

Biology 1110 - Animal Biology
Biology 1130 - Plant Biology
Biology 2171 - Genetics
Biology 2210 - Introductory Ecology
Biology 2230 - Cell Biology
Biology 3671 - Evolutionary Concepts
Biology 3012 - Aboriginal Ethnobotany

Students are encouraged to select elective courses that are congruent with one of the following two lists: (a) Cell and Molecular Biology, (b) Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology.

Students are advised to contact the Chair of the Department regarding elective courses. See the Biology Elective Lists on the Biology Programs Information page.

First Year

(a) Biology 1110, 1130
(b) Chemistry 1110, 1130
(c) One-half FCE elective
(d) Mathematics 1151 and 1152 or Mathematics 1171 and 1172
(e) One FCE Type C course other than Biology
(f) One-half FCE elective that is not Type C

Note: Students considering a career in the health sciences are advised to take Physics 1113 and 1133, or Physics 1211 and 1212.

Second Year

(a) Biology 2171, 2210, 2230
(b) One-half FCE elective in Biology
(c) Mathematics 2310 and 2311 or Mathematics 3332 and 3334
(d) Two of: Chemistry 2111, 2211, 2231
(e) One-half FCE Type C course other than Biology
(f) One-half FCE elective

Third Year

(a) Biology 3671, 3012
(b) One and one-half FCEs selected from courses in Biology Electives List A
(c) One and one-half FCEs selected from courses in Biology Electives List B
(d) One-half FCE Type C course other than Biology
(e) One-half FCE elective

Fourth Year

(a) Three FCEs in Biology at the third year level or higher
(b) One and one-half FCEs Type C course at the third year level or higher
(c) One-half FCE elective that is not Type C


1. Students considering graduate school are strongly encouraged to take Biology 4101 as 1.0 FCE towards the degree requirement of "3 FCEs in Biology at the third year level or higher" in Fourth Year.  Students must arrange for a faculty supervisor before the start of Fourth Year if they wish to register in Biology 4101.

2. This program fulfills the Indigenous Content Requirement because it includes Biology 3012.

Concentration in Biodiversity and Conservation

The Concentration in Biodiversity and Conservation consists of 5 FCEs chosen from the 3 lists below. Students may choose courses from any list but must take a minimum of 1 FCE from each list to obtain a Concentration in Biodiversity and Conservation.

List 1: Animal Biodiversity

Biology 2711 – Biology of Microorganisms*
Biology 3212 – Invertebrate Zoology*
Biology 3217 – Forest Entomology*
Biology 3219 – Evolution of Vertebrates*
Biology 4111 – Parasitology *
Biology 4211 – Mammalogy*
Biology 4212 – Biology of Fishes*
Biology 4231 – Ornithology*
Biology 4435 – Herpetology*
Biology 4610 – Museum Studies*

List 2: Plant Biodiversity

Biology 2050 – Tree Development and Function*
Biology 2051 – Flowering Plant Taxonomy
Biology 2110 – Forest Soils and Water I*
Biology 2131 – Regional Flowering Plants*
Environmental Studies 2211 - Forest Ecology and Silvics*
Biology 3114 – Plant Ecology*
Biology 3213 – Forest Pathology*
Biology 3351 – Plants and People
Biology 3450 – Biology of the Fungi*
Biology 3470 – Biotechnology of Plants*
Biology 3475 – Alpine Plant Physiology*
Biology 4512 – Plant Propagation*

List 3: Biodiversity in Communities and Ecosystems

Biology 3151 – Biogeography
Biology 3313 – Ecological Structure in Northern Environment
Biology 3610 – Environmental Biology
Biology 3232 – Conservation Biology
Biology 4113 – Community Ecology
Biology 4115 – Ecology of Disturbed Habitats*
Biology 4117 – Advances in Contemporary Ecology
Biology 4252 – Conservation Ecology*
Biology 4430 – Wetland Ecology*
Biology 4710 – Limnology*
Biology 4711 – Applied and Environmental Microbiology*
Biology 4152 – Field Course in Aquatic Ecology*
Biology 4470 – Global Change Biology
Geography/Environmental Studies 4431 - Conservation Geography

Note: Courses with asterisks* have labs.