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Certificate in Entrepreneurship (TB)

A series of courses designed to improve the competence of individuals in setting up and running their own business.

This program is open to non-business students enrolled in any degree program at Lakehead University or to individuals who have previouly graduated from a recognized non-business degree program (and who meet the general admission requirements for the University).


  1. Recommended that students be registered in the certificate prior to the completion of 50% of the course requirements. 
  2. All required courses must be taken at Lakehead University.
  3. Students must attain a minimum grade of 60% in each of the courses of the certificate program.
  4. The certificate may be conferred upon completion of a degree at Lakehead University or it may be conferred post-degree upon completion of the certificate requirements. 

 Note: Given the scheduling of courses, a post-degree student may only complete the certificate on a part-time basis.

Business 1011 - Introduction to Management or Business 1511 - Basics of Management
Business 1012 - Financial Accounting or Business 1512 - Basics of Accounting
Business 2514 - Basics of Marketing
Business 3215 - Principles of Entrepreneurship
Business 3255 - Entrepreneurial Venture Management

ELECTIVE COURSES:  Select one course from the following list

Business 1013 - Business Computing or Business 1513 - Basics of Business Computing
Business 2538 - Basics of Organizational Behaviour

NOTE: Computer Science students completing the Business Focus program requirements and wishing to qualify for the Entrepreneurship Certificate must, instead of Business 1013, take as an elective a course from the following list: Business 2033, 3013, 3213, 3413, 4253; or an alternate approved by the Faculty of Business Administration."