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Certificate in Business Information Technology Management(TB)

A series of courses designed to improve the competence of individuals in establishing and managing information technologies in organizational settings.

This certificate is open to non-business students enrolled in any degree or diploma program from Lakehead University (except for business students and computer science students with the business option) or to individuals who have previously graduated from a recognized non-business degree program (and who meet the general admission requirements for the University).


1.  Recommended that students be registered in the certificate prior to the completion of 50% of the course requirements.

2. All required courses must be taken at Lakehead University.

3. Students must attain a minimum grade of 60% in each of the courses of the certificate program.

4. The certificate may be conferred upon completion of a degree at Lakehead University or it may be conferred post-degree upon completion of the certificate requirements.

Note:  Given the scheduling of courses, a post-degree student may only complete the certificate on a part-time basis.

Business 1011 - Introduction to Management or Business 1511 - Basics of Management
Business 1013 - Business Computing or Business 1513 - Basics of Business Computing
Business 2033 - Management Information Systems
Business 3213 - Systems Analysis and Design

Any two courses from the following:
Business 3013 - Business Intelligence
Business 3413 - Project Management
Business 3533 - Business Process Management and Integration
Business 4253 - Advanced Systems Analysis and Design (Note that Business 3213 is a prerequisite.)
Business 4273 - Electronic Business Strategies
Business 4733 - Enterprise Systems and Architecture