Thunder Bay • Orillia

Honours Bachelor of Social Work 1-year

One Year program
The following pattern of courses indicates the courses leading to the Honours Bachelor of Social Work (HBSW) degree for the one year program. Students in the One Year program must complete the Summer Session Courses (Social Work 1100, 2011, 2012, and 3401) prior to moving on to remaining course requirements.

Summer Session:

(a) Social Work 1100
(b) Social Work 2011
(c) Social Work 2012
(d) Social Work 3401


(a) Social Work 4212, 4300 and 4405
(b) Social Work 3500 (1.5 FCE equivalent)
(c) Social Work 4407 and 4411
(d) One-half FCE elective in Social Work

Spring Session:

(a) Social Work 4501

Note: The Indigenous Content Requirement is being met by the completion of Social Work 4411.