Thunder Bay • Orillia

Bachelor of Science (Anthropology Major) (TB) (O)

Three Year program
The BSc (Anthropology Major) is offered at both the Thunder Bay and Orillia campuses.

It is important that BSc and HBSc students adhere to the stipulations that Anthropology majors are advised to seek academic counselling from the first year of their programs onward, and students entering or proceeding in Honours programs must seek counselling for program planning. Although the program is somewhat flexible, students should select science courses appropriate to their specialization, paying careful attention to prerequisites.

Note: The Indigenous Content Requirement in the Anthropology programs is met by taking Anthropology 1034.

First Year:
(a) Anthropology 1032 and 1034
(b) English 1015 and 0.5 FCE of English at a first year level
(c) Three FCEs from: Biology 1110, 1130, Chemistry 1110, 1130, Geography 1170, Geology 1110, 1130, Mathematics 0210, 1151, 1152, Business 1513, Physics 1211, 1212

Second Year:
(a) Anthropology 2110, 2112, 2137, 2515, 2517, 2151
(b) Two FCE electives

Third Year:
(a) Two FCEs in Anthopology from Type C courses
(b) One FCE in Anthropology
(c) Two FCE electives