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Certificate in Environmental Sustainability (O)

The Certificate in Environmental Sustainability is open for admission to professionals who wish to pursue continuing professional education in environmental sustainability. Interested applicants may already have earned a four- year Honours Bachelors and/or four-year or three-year Bachelors undergraduate degree in a relevant field such as urban and regional planning, geography, interdisciplinary studies, biology, ecology and natural resource/environmental management, tourism etc. from a recognized post-secondary institution.

The Certificate requires completion of 2.5 FCE's (normally offered in the Spring/Summer as online courses) with a minimum cumulative average of 70% and has to be completed in one year.  The Special Topics course includes a Research paper. 

The Certificate in Environmental Sustainability consists of 1.5 FCE's of required courses and 1.0 FCE of electives as follows.

Required Courses: (1.5 FCE)

Environmental Sustainability 2033 - Inquiry into Environmental Methods (0.5 FCE);
Geography 4771 - Sustainable Communities (0.5 FCE);
Environmental Sustainability 4810 - Issues in Environmental Sustainability (0.5 FCE) (Research Paper)

Electives (1.0 FCE from the list):

Environmental Sustainability 2111 - Environmental Thought and Policy
Geography 3411 - Resource Management and Sustainability
Environmental Sustainability 3074 - Environmental Biotechnology (Online)
Environmental Sustainability 3111 - Energy and the Environment
Biology 3610 - Environmental Biology
Environmental Sustainability 4111 - Materials, Manufacturing and Waste

The above list is not exhaustive and other electives of choice will be subject to approval by the Chair of the Department of Sustainability Sciences.