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Minor in Aging and Health(TB)

The Minor in Aging and Health consists of three FCEs (at least one FCE at the third year level or beyond). A minimum average of 60% is required in each of the courses taken to graduate with the minor.

Students who have successfully completed a minor in Gerontology may not complete a Minor in Aging and Health.
(a) Required course (1.0 FCE)
Gerontology 1110 - Aging, Health, and Wellbeing (0.5 FCE)
Gerontology 1130 - Aging in Canada (0.5 FCE)
(b) 1.0 FCE of elective courses offered by the Faculty of Health & Behavioural Sciences:
Gerontology 2010 - Introduction to Palliative Care (0.5 FCE)
Gerontology 2110 - Overview of Dementia Studies (0.5 FCE)
Gerontology 3100 - Special Topics (0.5 FCE)
Gerontology 3111 - Directed Study (0.5 FCE)
Gerontology 3070/Kinesiology 3070 - Adapted Physical Activity (0.5 FCE)
Gerontology 4055/Kinesiology 4055 - Interprofessional Education and Wellness (0.5 FCE)
Gerontology 2139/Nursing 2139 - Gerontology (0.5 FCE)
Nursing 2410 - Health in Chronic and Terminal Conditions (0.5 FCE)
Gerontology 2016/Psychology 2016 - Adult Development (0.5 FCE)
Gerontology 4151/Psychology 4151 - Advanced Studies in the Psychology of Aging (0.5 FCE)
Gerontology 3437/Social Work 3437 - Social Work Practice with Older People (0.5 FCE)
Gerontology 3439/Social Work 3439 - Living with Grief and Loss (0.5 FCE)
Gerontology 4770/Social Work 4770 - Psychosocial Palliative Care (0.5 FCE)
(c) 1.0 FCE of elective courses offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities:
Gerontology 2511/Philosophy 2511 - Biomedical Ethics (0.5 FCE)
Gerontology 3011/Philosophy 3011 - Death (0.5 FCE)
Gerontology 2501/Sociology 2501 - Family Sociology  (1.0 FCE)
Gerontology 2509/Sociology 2509 - Sociology of Health and Illness (1.0 FCE)
Gerontology 3513/Sociology 3513 - Sociology of Aging (0.5 FCE)
Gerontology 3515/Sociology 3515 - Life Course Studies (0.5 FCE)
Gerontology 4511 - Sociology of Disability (0.5 FCE)
Gerontology 4515/Sociology 4515 - Issues in Social Gerontology (0.5 FCE)
Only courses outside the major may be counted towards the Minor in Aging and Health; student should register in the Gerontology section of the cross-calendared courses. Some cross-calendared courses have departmental prerequisites or are only open to students outside the department/school with permission of the Chair of the relevant Department. Students continue to be governed by the regulations of the University and their Major department. Students should plan their program in consultation with their Major department.