Thunder Bay • Orillia

Master of Health Sciences (Specialization in Gerontology) (Thesis Option) (TB)

All students must successfully complete a total of 5.0 FCEs, including a thesis in the area of aging and health. Program Requirements include:

(a) Required
Health Sciences 5015 - Current Issues and Trends in Health Sciences (0.5 FCE)
Health Sciences 5030 - Introduction to Biostatistics (0.5 FCE)
Health Sciences 5035 - Qualitative Inquiry l (0.5 FCE)
Health Sciences 5070 - Epidemiology l (0.5 FCE)
(b) Electives
Two half-courses (1.0 FCE) electives selected in consultation with the supervisor
All students must complete two half-courses (1.0 FCE) among the following:

Gerontology 5010: Current Issues in Gerontology (0.5 FCE)
Gerontology 5710: Interdisciplinary Theory and Practice in Gerontology (0.5 FCE)
Gerontology 5090: Special Topics in Gerontology (0.5 FCE)
(c) Thesis
Health Sciences 5901 (9901) (2 FCEs) - Master's Thesis