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Psychology (PSYC) Graduate Courses Listing - Advanced Assessment Techniques

Psychology 6251 Advanced Assessment Techniques
Advanced theoretical and applied aspects of psychological assessment will be examined. Topics will include: (1) a review of psychometric theory and test construction; (2) review of professional ethics and standards in assessment; (3) evidence-based practice in assessment; (4) advanced interviewing skills; (5) the administration and interpretation of tests of intellectual functioning, memory, psychopathology, personality, health, and vocational interests and aptitudes; (6) computer applications; (7) differential diagnosis; (8) psychological report writing; and (9) special populations, diversity issues, and cultural issues in assessment. The course includes a practicum component.
Credit Weight: 0.5
Prerequisite(s): Psychology 5091, 5201, 5271, 5551
Notes: Restricted to graduate students in Clinical Psychology.