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Honours BASc (Interdisciplinary Studies Major with Concentration in Environment in Politics and Culture) (O) - Women, Food and Environments

Women's Studies 3118 Women, Food and Environments
Students will explore the politics of food production and distribution and environmental protection, women's roles in agriculture, food preparation an
Credit Weight: 0.5

Two FCE in Women's Studies, including at least one half-course at the second-year level, or permission of the Chair of the Department of Women's Studies

Offering: 3-0; or 3-0
Notes: Students who have previous credit in Women's Studies 2118 may not take Women's Studies 3118 for credit. Women's Studies Core Course or Women's Studies Group 1 Course
Course Classifications:
  • Type A: Humanities
  • Type B: Social Sciences
  • Type D: Health and Behavioral Sciences