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Psychology (PSYC) Courses Listing - Sensory Neuroscience and Perceptual Processing

Psychology 3161 Sensory Neuroscience and Perceptual Processing
A study of our senses and the ways in which we perceive through them. Emphasis will be placed on studying the underlying mechanisms of visual function such as colour, form, depth and movement perception. This will include an introduction to neurophysiology, psychophysical measurement and cognitive processing. Many of the principles established from vision research will then be applied to some of the other modalities such as audition, somesthesis and olfaction.
Credit Weight: 1.0

Psychology 1100 or 1.0 FCE from Type C or permission of the Chair of the Department of Psychology

Offering: 3-0; 3-0
Course Classifications:
  • Type C: Engineering, Mathematical and Natural Sciences
  • Type D: Health and Behavioral Sciences