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Summary of Changes Made in This Calendar - Mathematics Curriculum for Primary-Junior Teaching

Education 3519 Mathematics Curriculum for Primary-Junior Teaching
Mathematical concepts and processes needed for effective and conceptually-rich classroom teaching are examined. The course includes a focus on modelling, reasoning, and mental calculations as needed to support problem-based learning in all five strands of the Mathematics curriculum to Grade 7. Standard and non-standard algorithms will be developed via inquiry, modelling, and sense-making.
Credit Weight: 0.5
Offering: 2 hours of lectures per week for 9 weeks in the fall term and 9 weeks in the winter term
Notes: Students will not be permitted to register in this course before the September writing of the Math Competency Exam. Registration is compulsory for those students who have not passed the Math Competency Exam, or have special permission of the Chair of Undergraduate Studies in Education (Thunder Bay) or the Chair of Education Programs (Orillia). The course counts as an Education elective, so registering in this course may also involve dropping an Education elective, unless an overload is approved by the appropriate Chair. Restricted to Primary-Junior students only.