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Summary of Changes Made in This Calendar - Clinical Practice and Research Exam

Psychology 6811 Clinical Practice and Research Exam
The purpose of this examination is to assess the Clinical PhD student’s ability to critically evaluate and integrate research and clinical practice information in a practice-area of Clinical Psychology, and to demonstrate an understanding of the need for competent empirically-validated clinical care. The exam has a written and an oral component. The written component can take one of three forms: (1) a written comprehensive review paper, (2) an original practice-related research project that results in a research paper, (3) the development and empirical evaluation of a specific aspect of clinical practice (e.g., assessment, intervention, supervision style, competency models) culminating in a written paper. The oral component consists of the student completing a one-hour public seminar on the exam topic. Additional details are provided in the Clinical Program Manual. Students should register for this exam in September of PhD Year 1. The exam should be completed by June of PhD Year 2. This course requirement must be successfully completed before the student is allowed to apply for the internship.
Credit Weight: 0.0
Grade Scheme: Pass/Fail
Notes: Non-credit required course. Restricted to PhD students in Clinical Psychology.