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Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering)/Master of Business Administration (TB) - Basic Scientific Methods in Geology

Geology 4015 Basic Scientific Methods in Geology
Specific topics concerned with problems and materials encountered by Civil and Environmental Engineers. Topics discussed may include: application of geometrical techniques to the solution of problems in structural geology, quarrying and mining; natural radioactivity, its causes and consequences (radon, groundwater chemistry); applications of mineralogical and geological principles to radioactive waste disposal; origin and nature of some industrial minerals (diamond, graphite, salt, gypsum, asbestos, silica); the mineralogy, composition and stability of natural and synthetic silicate and carbonate constructional materials (granite, sandstone, bricks, Portland cement).
Credit Weight: 0.5
Prerequisite(s): Geology 3015 or 1110 or 1130 or permission of the Chair of the Department
Offering: 0-0; 3-0
Notes: Not for credit in the MSc, HBSc or BSc Geology programs.
Course Classifications: Type C: Engineering, Mathematical and Natural Sciences