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Health Sciences (HESC) Graduate Courses Listing - Nurse Practitioner Integrative Practicum

Health Sciences 5840 (9840) Nurse Practitioner Integrative Practicum
The Integrative Practicum synthesizes the competencies essential to advanced nursing practice to provide primary health care for clients across the life span. Students will demonstrate autonomy, decision-making, and critical analysis of organizational and system issues that influence scope of practice, professional accountability, and outcomes. The practicum is normally taken from May to August. Students may not begin their practicum until all other courses of the program have been successfully completed.
Credit Weight: 1.0
Prerequisite(s): Permission of the Graduate Coordinator, Master of Public Health with Specialization in Nursing; Health Sciences 5610, 5615, 5616, 5630, 5635, 5636
Cross-List(s): Nursing 5840
Offering: Seminar: 3 hours per week; Clinical Practice: 7 hours per day for 13 weeks (455 hours)
Notes: Restricted to students in the Master of Public Health with Specialization in Nursing program.