Thunder Bay • Orillia

Type B: Social Sciences

The social sciences involve the study of human society and social relationships using mixed approaches, including empirical methods shared with the natural sciences.

Anthropology 0300 Introduction to Language
Anthropology 1032 Intro Bio Anth & Archaeology
Anthropology 1034 World Cultures
Anthropology 2110 Biology of Human Variation
Anthropology 2112 Human Evolution
Anthropology 2116 Gender Cross-Cultural Perspect
Anthropology 2118 Tracing Human Migrations
Anthropology 2137 Method & Technique Archaeology
Anthropology 2151 Ancient Peoples and Places
Anthropology 2173 Archaeology of N America
Anthropology 2332 Peoples and Cultures of Africa
Anthropology 2515 Key Concepts in Ethnology
Anthropology 2517 Exploring Ethnography
Anthropology 2550 Traditional Indigenous Culture
Anthropology 2811 Special Topic I
Anthropology 2813 Special Topic II
Anthropology 3010 Geoarchaeology
Anthropology 3011 Topics in Human Origins
Anthropology 3012 Archaeological Theory
Anthropology 3013 Animals and People
Anthropology 3014 Quantitative Anthropology
Anthropology 3118 Scientific Appl Archaeology
Anthropology 3133 Environmental Archaeology
Anthropology 3136 Forensic Anthropology
Anthropology 3138 Intro DNA Molecular Methods
Anthropology 3139 Molecular Anthropology
Anthropology 3231 Historic Archaeology
Anthropology 3232 Archaeology of Europe
Anthropology 3235 Ceramic Analysis
Anthropology 3238 History of Ethnology
Anthropology 3312 Medical Anthropology
Anthropology 3315 Archaeology of Boreal Forest
Anthropology 3455 Stable Isotopes Bioanthropolog
Anthropology 3534 Visual Anthropology
Anthropology 3551 Aboriginal & Treaty Rights
Anthropology 3671 Geography of Arctic Region
Anthropology 3711 Anthropology of Relations
Anthropology 3715 Plagues and Peoples
Anthropology 3717 Exploring Cultural Diversity
Anthropology 3718 Anth of Magic and Religion
Anthropology 3719 Anth of Violence and War
Anthropology 3739 Anthropology of Art
Anthropology 3801 Archaeological Field School
Anthropology 3811 Special Topic I
Anthropology 3813 Special Topic II
Anthropology 3815 Special Topic I With Labor
Anthropology 3817 Special Topic II With Lab
Anthropology 4010 Current Issues in Anthropology
Anthropology 4011 Advanced Paleoanthropology
Anthropology 4012 Science in Indigenous America
Anthropology 4013 Archaeology of Food
Anthropology 4111 Ecological & Environment Anth
Anthropology 4114 Human Impacts on Environment
Anthropology 4219 Human Skeletal & Dental Biolog
Anthropology 4501 Advanced Cultural Anthropology
Anthropology 4503 Advanced Archaeology
Anthropology 4505 Adv Biological Anthro
Anthropology 4517 Society, Culture and Nature
Anthropology 4737 Material Culture
Anthropology 4811 Special Topic I
Anthropology 4813 Special Topic II
Anthropology 4901 Honours Thesis
Business 1011 Introduction to Management
Business 1012 Financial Accounting
Business 1056 Busi Quantitative Analysis I
Business 1076 Busi Quantitative Analysis II
Business 1511 Basics of Management
Business 1512 Basics of Accounting
Business 2012 Management Accounting
Business 2052 Intermediate Fin Accounting I
Business 2314 Marketing I
Business 2514 Basics of Marketing
Business 2538 Basic Organizational Behaviour
Business 3012 Advanced Financial Accounting
Business 3052 Intermediate Fin Accounting II
Business 3071 Strategic Management I
Business 3072 Managment Accounting II
Business 3215 Principles of Entrepreneurship
Business 3255 Entrepreneurial Venture Mgmt
Business 3317 Microeconomics
Business 4032 Integrative Analysis Account
Business 4071 Strategic Management II
Business 4212 Accounting Theory
Business 4232 Strategic Cost Management
Business 4412 Assurance I
Business 4432 Assurance II
Criminology 1010 Introduction to Criminology
Criminology 1030 Introduction to Criminalistics
Criminology 2010 Youth Crime and Justice
Criminology 2015 Criminological Theory
Criminology 2030 Gender and Crime
Criminology 2050 Race, Ethnicity, and Crime
Criminology 2090 Criminological Research Method
Criminology 2311 Criminal Law
Criminology 2313 Human Rights & Civil Liberties
Criminology 3010 Special Topics I
Criminology 3011 Evolution and Violence
Criminology 3030 Special Topics II
Criminology 3111 Mind, Morality, and the Law
Criminology 3135 Death Investigation
Criminology 3136 Forensic Anthropology
Criminology 3137 Corrections
Criminology 3138 Policing
Criminology 3150 Crimes of the Powerful
Criminology 3350 Forensic Psychology
Criminology 3355 Women, Crime, & Criminal Just
Criminology 3370 Cybercrime
Criminology 3510 Issues in Indigenous Justice
Criminology 3511 Violence and Crime
Criminology 3590 Prosecution and Sanctioning
Criminology 3770 Crime, Media, Culture
Criminology 4010 Environmental Criminology
Criminology 4011 Psychopathic Personalities
Criminology 4015 Criminal Profiling
Criminology 4017 Restorative Just & Mediation
Criminology 4030 Comparative Criminology
Criminology 4035 Professional Field Exposure
Criminology 4050 Controversies in the Courts
Criminology 4070 Trafficking
Criminology 4090 Special Topics in Criminology
Criminology 4801 Honours Research Project
Economics 1100 Principles of Economics
Economics 2014 Basic Economics - Theory
Economics 2017 Microeconomics I
Economics 2037 Microeconomics II
Economics 2115 Economic Statistics I
Economics 2117 Economic Statistics II
Economics 2203 Macroeconomics
Economics 2212 Environmental Economics
Economics 2231 Health Economics
Economics 2511 Locational Economics
Economics 3010 Special Topics
Economics 3111 Labour Economics
Economics 3114 Intl Finance
Economics 3117 Mathematical Economics I
Economics 3133 Regional Economics
Economics 3211 Economic Development
Economics 3214 History of Economic Thought
Economics 3215 Money & Banking
Economics 3231 Health Economics
Economics 3313 Public Finance
Economics 3319 Economic History
Economics 3412 Industrial Organization
Economics 4110 Economics of Defence
Economics 4111 Intl Trade
Economics 4117 Mathematical Economics II
Economics 4131 Cost Benefit Analysis
Economics 4217 Econometrics & Forecasting
Economics 4230 Cliometric Analysis
Economics 4531 Natural Resource Economics
Economics 4611 Special Topics
Economics 4901 Honours Thesis
Education 1410 Foundations Indi Ed in Cnd
Education 2110 Foundations Mathematics Educ
Education 2130 Teachers Indi Learners in Cnd
Education 2150 Literacy & Indi Child, - Age 8
Education 3010 Indigenous Design & Technology
Education 3012 Teach Indigenous Design & Tech
Education 3130 Indi Parents, Families & Comm
Education 3131 Digital Learning & Teaching
Education 3150 Literacy & Indi Child, 9-12
Education 4001 Honours Project
Education 4395 Field Experience
English 2035 Horror Films and Feminism
English 4113 Women and Legal Narratives
Environmental Studies 1150 The Environment
Environmental Studies 1170 The Environment With Lab
Environmental Studies 1190 Indi Knowledge, Sci, Environ
Environmental Studies 2212 Environmental Economics
Environmental Studies 2312 Indigenous Peoples and the N
Environmental Studies 2817 Sociology of the N
Environmental Studies 3133 Environmental Archaeology
Environmental Studies 3331 Envir Iss: A Climat Approach
Environmental Studies 3332 Environmental Policy
Environmental Studies 3411 Resource Mgmt & Sustainability
Environmental Studies 3431 Energy and Sustainability
Environmental Studies 3435 Indigenous Peoples & the Land
Environmental Studies 3471 Environmental Asses & Manageme
Environmental Studies 3691 Landscapes
Environmental Studies 3710 Special Topics I
Environmental Studies 4111 Ecological & Environment Anth
Environmental Studies 4114 Human Impacts on Environment
Environmental Studies 4351 Global Climate Change
Environmental Studies 4411 Water Resources Management
Environmental Studies 4451 Geography of Risk & Hazard
Environmental Studies 4517 Society, Culture and Nature
Environmental Studies 4531 Natural Resource Economics
Environmental Studies 4710 Special Topics III
Environmental Studies 4810 Environmental Sustainability
Environmental Sustainability 1033 Intro Environ Sustainability
Environmental Sustainability 3053 Inquiry Environ Conservation
Environmental Sustainability 3810 Special Topics I
Environmental Sustainability 4810 Issues Enviro Sustainability
Environmental Sustainability 4830 Sp Topic in Environ Sustain II
Environmental Sustainability 4901 Honours Thesis in Env Sust
Gender and Women's Studies 1100 Women's and Gender Studies
Gender and Women's Studies 2011 Special Topics, Non-Core
Gender and Women's Studies 2012 Body Politics
Gender and Women's Studies 2031 Gender and Crime
Gender and Women's Studies 2035 Horror Films and Feminism
Gender and Women's Studies 2111 Special Topics
Gender and Women's Studies 2113 Popular Culture & Counter Cult
Gender and Women's Studies 2114 Ecofeminism
Gender and Women's Studies 2116 Gender Cross-Cultural Perspect
Gender and Women's Studies 2119 Indigenous Feminisms
Gender and Women's Studies 2501 Family Sociology
Gender and Women's Studies 2711 Women's Act for Social Change
Gender and Women's Studies 3011 Special Topics, Non-Core
Gender and Women's Studies 3030 Theorizing Equality
Gender and Women's Studies 3033 Transnational Masculinities
Gender and Women's Studies 3055 Global Reproductive Justice
Gender and Women's Studies 3107 Sociology of Women
Gender and Women's Studies 3111 Special Topics
Gender and Women's Studies 3114 Gender and Health
Gender and Women's Studies 3115 Food, Gender, and Health
Gender and Women's Studies 3133 Women, Tech & Cyberculture
Gender and Women's Studies 3213 Gender, Bodies and Sexuality
Gender and Women's Studies 3214 Queer Studies
Gender and Women's Studies 3215 Gender, Bodies & Technology
Gender and Women's Studies 3355 Women, Crime, & Criminal Just
Gender and Women's Studies 3356 Feminist Engagement With Law
Gender and Women's Studies 3357 Law and Women's Lives
Gender and Women's Studies 3410 Sexuality in Media
Gender and Women's Studies 3550 Gender Cont Social Life
Gender and Women's Studies 3612 Gender, Colonialism, & Health
Gender and Women's Studies 3613 Indi Women Resistance & Resurg
Gender and Women's Studies 4010 Women, Gender & Social Justice
Gender and Women's Studies 4011 Special Topics, Non-Core
Gender and Women's Studies 4014 Women, Health, and Medicine
Gender and Women's Studies 4105 Women and Sociological Theory
Gender and Women's Studies 4110 Special Topics
Gender and Women's Studies 4113 Women & Legal Narratives
Gender and Women's Studies 4212 Gender and Mental Health
Gender and Women's Studies 4213 Violence & Soc Work Prac
Gender and Women's Studies 4214 Regulating Reproduction/Family
Gender and Women's Studies 4350 Fem Approach Media & Tech
Gender and Women's Studies 4355 Mother Culture
Gender and Women's Studies 4901 Honours Thesis
Geoarchaeology 4101 Adv Readings in Geoarchaeology
Geoarchaeology 4901 Geoarchaeology Hon Thesis
Geography 1150 The Environment
Geography 1170 The Environment With Lab
Geography 1190 Indi Knowledge, Sci, Environ
Geography 2251 Inquiry & Interpretation
Geography 2511 Economic Geography
Geography 2811 Cultural Geography
Geography 3253 Cartography
Geography 3255 Geography Field Methods
Geography 3331 Environ Iss: A Climat Approa
Geography 3411 Resource Mgmt & Sustainability
Geography 3431 Energy and Sustainability
Geography 3471 Environmental Assessment&Mgmt
Geography 3631 Geography of Canada
Geography 3633 Geography Lake Superior Basin
Geography 3671 Geography of Arctic Region
Geography 3691 Landscapes
Geography 3693 Geography of Northern Europe
Geography 3731 Urban Residential Structure
Geography 3751 Retail Location
Geography 3811 Political Geography
Geography 4271 Field Studies
Geography 4291 Intl Field Study
Geography 4351 Global Climate Change
Geography 4411 Water Resources Management
Geography 4451 Geography of Risk and Hazard
Geography 4731 Urban Geography
Geography 4771 Sustainable Communities
Geography 4811 Rural Geography
Geography 4831 Indigenous Geographies
Gerontology 1110 Aging, Health, and Wellbeing
Gerontology 1130 Aging in Canada
Gerontology 2016 Adult Development
Gerontology 2139 Gerontology
Gerontology 2501 Family Sociology
Gerontology 2509 Sociology of Health & Illness
Gerontology 3513 Sociology of Aging
Gerontology 3515 Life Course Studies
Gerontology 4055 Interprof Educ & Wellness
Gerontology 4151 Advan Stud in the Psy of Aging
Gerontology 4719 Adv Seminar in Gerontology
History 1100 The Making of the Modern World
History 2110 Modern Europe I, 1789-1914
History 2111 Soviet Union & Russia 1917
History 2112 Imperial Russia to 1917
History 2116 Germany, 20th Century
History 2130 Modern Europe II, 1914-1990
History 2138 Revolutionary France,1789-1870
History 2139 Republican France, 1870-1983
History 2171 Finland & Nordic in 19 Century
History 2172 Finland & Nordic in 20 Century
History 2201 Greek History
History 2203 Roman History
History 2312 Canada to 1885
History 2350 Modern Canada
History 2511 United States After Civil War
History 2512 United States to the Civil War
History 2513 Colonial Latin Am & Caribbean
History 2515 Modern Latin Am & Caribbean
History 2610 Asia Since 1500
History 2611 Chinese History
History 2612 Africa, 1400-1800
History 2614 Africa Since 1800
History 2821 Special Topics
History 3111 The Balkans
History 3140 The Hitler State
History 3160 The Holocaust
History 3214 History of Economic Thought
History 3303 Ontario History
History 3311 The American Impact on Canada
History 3312 Canadian Labour History
History 3313 Cnd Military History to 1919
History 3315 Cnd Military Hist Since 1919
History 3316 Cdn Business History
History 3318 History of Sport in Canada
History 3319 Economic History
History 3330 North American Fur Trade
History 3332 Popular Culture Modern Canada
History 3335 Women & Gender Early Cnd Hist
History 3336 Women & Gender Recent Cnd Hist
History 3413 Tudor and Stuart England
History 3615 Gender & Colonialism S Asia
History 3710 Intnl Dev Historical Perspect
History 3713 World War I
History 3714 Topics in Gender History
History 3715 Hist in Frame-Events to 1900
History 3716 Hist in Frame-Events Since1900
History 3717 World War II
History 3718 Global Environmental History
History 3731 History of Medicine, 1500-1800
History 3732 History of Medicine 1800-1950
History 3733 The Cold War, 1939-1989
History 3734 Creating Global Capitalism
History 3801 Special Topics
History 3811 Special Topics
History 3830 Public History
History 4001 Special Topics
History 4113 European Imperialism 20th Cent
History 4117 Issue 20th C Russia & E Europe
History 4230 Cliometric Analysis
History 4301 Issues in Cdn History
History 4313 Issues Hist Northern Ontario
History 4501 Issues in United States Hist
History 4502 Themes in Mod Lat Amer His
History 4511 American Empire Latin America
History 4603 Themes in Asian History
History 4703 Tensions of Empire
History 4705 Medicine and Society
History 4713 Imperialism & the Environment
History 4811 Special Topics
History 4820 Special Topics
History 4830 Community Placement
History 4831 Public Hist Field School
History 4832 Digital History
History 4850 Intro Museum & Heritage Study
History 4851 Intro to Archival Studies
History 4901 Honours Thesis
History 4903 Digital History Project
History 4904 Public History Project
Indigenous Learning 1100 Intro Indigenous Learning
Indigenous Learning 1310 Meth/App Applied to Ind Learn
Indigenous Learning 1314 Indigenous People & the Issues
Indigenous Learning 1316 Special Topics Indigenous Hist
Indigenous Learning 1410 Foundations Indi Ed in Cnd
Indigenous Learning 2010 Indi Representation and Media
Indigenous Learning 2011 Gender & Indi Communities
Indigenous Learning 2301 Special Topics
Indigenous Learning 2302 Transfer of Educ Jurisdiction
Indigenous Learning 2311 Settler Colonialism Global Con
Indigenous Learning 2312 Indigenous Peoples & the N
Indigenous Learning 2313 Indigenous People & Urban Comm
Indigenous Learning 2314 Metis Peoples of Canada
Indigenous Learning 2319 Human Rights & Civil Liberties
Indigenous Learning 2433 Indigenous People & Government
Indigenous Learning 2550 Traditional Indigenous Culture
Indigenous Learning 2805 Indigenous Cdn World Views
Indigenous Learning 2811 Corporations & Status Indian
Indigenous Learning 3010 Indigenous Design & Technology
Indigenous Learning 3100 Research Methodology
Indigenous Learning 3110 Special Topics
Indigenous Learning 3130 Indi Parents, Families & Comm
Indigenous Learning 3311 Indigenous Peoples & Community
Indigenous Learning 3312 Shelter Indigenous Communities
Indigenous Learning 3315 Mino-Bimaadiziwin
Indigenous Learning 3351 Indigenous Peoples and the Law
Indigenous Learning 3435 Indigenous People and the Land
Indigenous Learning 3551 Aboriginal & Treaty Rights
Indigenous Learning 3612 Gender, Colonialism, & Health
Indigenous Learning 3613 Indi Women Resistance & Resurg
Indigenous Learning 3711 Contemporary Health Issues
Indigenous Learning 3811 Rights Aboriginal Peoples S.35
Indigenous Learning 4010 Special Topic Settler Colonial
Indigenous Learning 4011 Climate Disruption and Health
Indigenous Learning 4111 Honours Project I
Indigenous Learning 4112 Honours Project II
Indigenous Learning 4301 Special Topics
Indigenous Learning 4310 Globalization & Neo-Liberal
Indigenous Learning 4411 Soc Work Prac & Indigenous Peo
Indigenous Learning 4810 Intl Law in Indigenous Context
Indigenous Learning 4901 Honours Thesis
Interdisciplinary Studies 1011 Social Justice Inquiry
Interdisciplinary Studies 1012 Human Nature Inquiry
Interdisciplinary Studies 1013 Environ in Politics & Culture
Interdisciplinary Studies 1014 Intl Conflict & Human Rights
Interdisciplinary Studies 3010 Applications of Inquiry
Interdisciplinary Studies 3011 Topics in Social Justice
Interdisciplinary Studies 3012 Topics in Human Nature
Interdisciplinary Studies 3013 Topics in Envio Politics & Cul
Interdisciplinary Studies 3014 Topics in Intl Conflict & Huma
Interdisciplinary Studies 4033 Hons Res Environ Sustain
Interdisciplinary Studies 4220 Honours Media Research Project
Interdisciplinary Studies 4260 Hons Research Creation Project
Interdisciplinary Studies 4821 Capstone Research Social Just
Interdisciplinary Studies 4822 Capstone Research Human Nature
Interdisciplinary Studies 4823 Capstone Research Enviro Poli
Interdisciplinary Studies 4824 Capstone Research Intl Conflic
Interdisciplinary Studies 4901 Honours Thesis
Kinesiology 2059 Psyc of Physical Activity
Kinesiology 2079 Soc of Sport & Physical Act I
Kinesiology 3030 Introductory Statistics
Kinesiology 3070 Adapted Physical Activity
Kinesiology 3079 Soc of Sport & Physical Act II
Kinesiology 3230 Research Processes
Kinesiology 4055 Interprof Educ & Wellness
Kinesiology 4059 Adv Psychology Physical Activi
Kinesiology 4113 Lifestyle Counselling
Kinesiology 4179 Special Topics
Kinesiology 4193 Outdoor Experience
Kinesiology 4220 Individual Research Project
Kinesiology 4230 Team Research Project
Kinesiology 4710 Principles Commun & Leadership
Kinesiology 4713 Career Exploration
Linguistics 0300 Introduction to Language
Media, Film, and Communications 1010 Intro Media, Film, & Comm
Media, Film, and Communications 1030 Intro to Visual Media
Media, Film, and Communications 1050 Intro Media & Film Production
Media, Film, and Communications 2010 Alternative New Media
Media, Film, and Communications 2030 Intermediate Media Production
Media, Film, and Communications 2113 Popular Culture & Counter Cult
Media, Film, and Communications 2230 Res Meth Media, Film, Comm
Media, Film, and Communications 2310 Anti-Racist & Indi Media Can
Media, Film, and Communications 2555 Media, Culture, and Society
Media, Film, and Communications 3010 Sp Topics Media Representation
Media, Film, and Communications 3011 Independent Studies in Media
Media, Film, and Communications 3012 Photography Studies
Media, Film, and Communications 3013 Strategic Digital Comm
Media, Film, and Communications 3133 Women, Tech & Cyberculture
Media, Film, and Communications 3214 Queer Studies
Media, Film, and Communications 3310 Media, Art and Activism
Media, Film, and Communications 3410 Sexuality in Media
Media, Film, and Communications 3510 Globalizing Discourses of Diss
Media, Film, and Communications 3530 Transnational Media,sex,gender
Media, Film, and Communications 3630 Advanced Media Production
Media, Film, and Communications 3690 Cinematography
Media, Film, and Communications 3770 Crime, Media, Culture
Media, Film, and Communications 3811 Surveillance and Society
Media, Film, and Communications 3910 Internship I
Media, Film, and Communications 3930 Internship II
Media, Film, and Communications 4310 Media & Env Justice Movements
Media, Film, and Communications 4350 Fem Approach Media & Tech
Media, Film, and Communications 4430 Meta-Media
Media, Film, and Communications 4530 Media Framing of Immigration
Media, Film, and Communications 4550 Global Indigenous Media
Media, Film, and Communications 4650 Special Topics in Media Prod
Media, Film, and Communications 4801 Honours Media, Film, Comm Proj
Northern Studies 1111 Intro to Circumpolar World
Northern Studies 1112 Intro to the Canadian North
Northern Studies 2171 Finland & Nordic in 19 Century
Northern Studies 2172 Finland & Nordic in 20 Century
Northern Studies 2312 Native Peoples and the N
Northern Studies 2411 Special Topics
Northern Studies 2817 Sociology of the N
Northern Studies 3111 Land & Environment I
Northern Studies 3112 Land & Environment II
Northern Studies 3211 Peoples & Cultures I
Northern Studies 3212 Peoples & Cultures II
Northern Studies 3311 Contemporary Issues I
Northern Studies 3312 Contemporary Issues II
Northern Studies 3313 Ecological Structure Northern
Northern Studies 3330 North American Fur Trade
Northern Studies 3411 Special Topics
Northern Studies 3435 Native People and the Land
Northern Studies 4111 Canada & Circumpolar World
Northern Studies 4311 Adv Seminar Northern Studies
Northern Studies 4313 Issues Hist Northern Ontario
Northern Studies 4411 Special Topics
Northern Studies 4901 Honours Thesis
Natural Resources Management 1071 Business Principles in NRM
Natural Resources Management 2310 Intl Resources Mgmt
Natural Resources Management 3170 Forest Economics
Natural Resources Management 3251 Renewable Energy Resources
Natural Resources Management 4212 Management Planning I
Natural Resources Management 4213 Policy & Legislation Nat Res
Natural Resources Management 4214 Management Planning II
Natural Resources Management 4250 Environmental Assessment
Natural Resources Management 4259 Advanced Studies in Foresty I
Natural Resources Management 4270 Advanced Studies in for II
Natural Resources Management 4271 Marketing of Forest Products
Nursing 4055 Interprof Educ & Wellness
Ojibwe 2002 Intermediate Western Ojibwe
Ojibwe 3002 Advanced Western Ojibwe
Outdoor Recreation 1010 Group Dynamics in ORPT
Outdoor Recreation 1150 Land Relations
Outdoor Recreation 2210 Theory & Prac Outdoor Lead
Outdoor Recreation 2270 Programming
Outdoor Recreation 2350 Outdoor Skills and Theory II
Outdoor Recreation 2511 Research Design
Outdoor Recreation 2755 Parks and Tourism
Outdoor Recreation 3050 Evaluation & Assessment
Outdoor Recreation 3075 Honours Project I
Outdoor Recreation 3170 Private Land Stewardship
Outdoor Recreation 3175 Special Topics in ORPT
Outdoor Recreation 3311 Outdoor Adventure
Outdoor Recreation 3312 Risk Management in Outdoor Rec
Outdoor Recreation 3315 Healthy Parks/Healthy People
Outdoor Recreation 3370 Field Explorations I
Outdoor Recreation 3371 Advanced Group Dynamics
Outdoor Recreation 3410 Interpretation and Guiding
Outdoor Recreation 3610 Specialized & Inclusive TR
Outdoor Recreation 3715 Indigenous Tourism
Outdoor Recreation 3731 Tourism & Rec Entrepreneurship
Outdoor Recreation 3733 Community Tourism Plann
Outdoor Recreation 3811 Visitor Impacts
Outdoor Recreation 4011 Directed Studies in ORPT
Outdoor Recreation 4075 Honours Project II
Outdoor Recreation 4131 Experiential Educ Outdoor Rec
Outdoor Recreation 4310 Expedition Management
Outdoor Recreation 4311 Adv Leadership in Outdoor Rec
Outdoor Recreation 4370 Field Explorations II
Outdoor Recreation 4411 Advanced Interpretation
Outdoor Recreation 4515 Climate Change & Sustain
Outdoor Recreation 4611 Adventure Therapy & TR
Outdoor Recreation 4733 Outdoor Rec & Tourism Planning
Outdoor Recreation 4735 Ethics & Justice in Travel
Outdoor Recreation 4810 Natural Areas Management
Outdoor Recreation 4813 Shoreline Recreation Mgmt
Outdoor Recreation 4911 Standards Practice Therapeutic
Outdoor Recreation 4912 Professional Placement
Political Science 1100 Intro Political Sci
Political Science 1301 Introduction to Law
Political Science 2110 Cdn Government & Politics
Political Science 2111 Gender and Politics
Political Science 2311 Criminal Law
Political Science 2313 Human Rights & Civil Liberties
Political Science 2335 Politics, Govt & Soc in Usa
Political Science 2339 Comparative Politics
Political Science 2410 Mass Media and Politics
Political Science 2510 Ancient & Medieval Pol Thought
Political Science 2555 Approaches to Public Policy
Political Science 2611 World Politics
Political Science 2617 Intl Law & Organization
Political Science 3101 Directed Reading
Political Science 3111 African Politics
Political Science 3113 Law and Politics of the Family
Political Science 3215 Ontario Politics
Political Science 3217 Local Government in Canada
Political Science 3250 The Politics of Food
Political Science 3311 3rd World Politics & Society
Political Science 3313 Third World Area Studies
Political Science 3314 Global Terrorism
Political Science 3319 Comparative Public Policy
Political Science 3331 Law & Pol: Special Topics
Political Science 3332 Environmental Policy
Political Science 3333 Comp Industrial St of Europe
Political Science 3334 Comp Industrial St Out Europe
Political Science 3335 Political Tactics
Political Science 3337 Canadian Federalism
Political Science 3338 Comparative Federalism
Political Science 3339 Comparative Health Policy
Political Science 3351 Indigenous Peoples and the Law
Political Science 3515 Political Thought & Contemp Is
Political Science 3517 Modern Political Thought
Political Science 3519 Special Topics
Political Science 3617 Foreign Policy Decision-Making
Political Science 3619 Foreign Policies of Mjr Powers
Political Science 3711 Public Administration
Political Science 3713 Cdn Public Administration
Political Science 4110 Research Methodology
Political Science 4111 Honours Thesis Preparation
Political Science 4112 Honours Thesis
Political Science 4150 Selected Topics in Law
Political Science 4213 Politics in the Cdn N
Political Science 4215 Cdn Political Thought
Political Science 4217 Constitutional Pol Canada
Political Science 4255 Canadian Public Policy
Political Science 4311 Select Problems Comp Politics
Political Science 4315 Security & Conflict Resolution
Political Science 4335 Political Strategy
Political Science 4513 Contemporary Political Thought
Political Science 4555 Politics of Public Policy
Political Science 4615 Global Political Economy
Political Science 4911 Special Topics
Psychology 1100 Introductory Psychology
Psychology 2011 Child Development
Psychology 2015 Social Psychology
Psychology 2016 Adult Development
Psychology 2110 Research Methods in Psychology
Psychology 2112 Statistics for Psychology 1
Psychology 2211 Health Psychology
Psychology 2917 Research Opportunity
Psychology 3015 Psychometric Theory
Psychology 3016 Personality Psychology
Psychology 3017 Foundations of Mental Health
Psychology 3018 Psych Disorders in Adulthood
Psychology 3111 Mind, Morality, and the Law
Psychology 3112 Statistics for Psychology 2
Psychology 3210 Cultural Psychology
Psychology 3211 Environmental Psychology
Psychology 3331 Indust & Organizational Psyc
Psychology 3350 Forensic Psychology
Psychology 3715 Psychology of Human Sexuality
Psychology 3811 Special Topics in Psychology
Psychology 3815 Directed Reading
Psychology 4013 Addiction Processes
Psychology 4014 Indigenous Mental Health
Psychology 4015 Psychological Tests & Measures
Psychology 4016 Adv Seminar in Psychology
Psychology 4032 Psychotherapy
Psychology 4033 Adv Seminar in Psychotherapy
Psychology 4111 Statistics for Psychology 3
Psychology 4151 Advan Stud in the Psy of Aging
Psychology 4212 Gender Issues in Psychology
Psychology 4215 Community Psychology
Psychology 4331 Advanced Social Psychology
Psychology 4611 History of Psychology
Psychology 4711 Neuropsychological Dysfunction
Psychology 4811 Special Topics in Psychology
Psychology 4901 Honours Thesis
Religious Studies 1100 Intro World Religions
Religious Studies 2715 Special Topics
Religious Studies 3705 Special Topics
Religious Studies 3715 Special Topics
Religious Studies 3718 Anth of Magic and Religion
Religious Studies 4715 Special Topics
Sociology 1100 Introduction to Sociology
Sociology 2011 Youth and Canadian Society
Sociology 2012 LGBT Communities
Sociology 2110 Food, Culture, and Society
Sociology 2111 Perspectives in Social Thought
Sociology 2112 Special Topics
Sociology 2113 Environmental Sociology
Sociology 2213 Social Problems in Canada
Sociology 2214 Current Issues Social Problems
Sociology 2221 Crime and Society
Sociology 2301 The Sociology of Law
Sociology 2501 Family Sociology
Sociology 2509 Sociology of Health & Illness
Sociology 2555 Media, Culture, and Society
Sociology 2755 Tech Soc Indi People Can
Sociology 2817 Sociology of the N
Sociology 2911 Foundation Sociological Res
Sociology 3011 Islam and the West
Sociology 3035 Medicine & Soc in Modernity
Sociology 3103 Seminar in Selected Soc Topics
Sociology 3105 Directed Reading
Sociology 3107 Sociology of Women
Sociology 3111 Sociology of the Body
Sociology 3112 Sociology of Mental Disorder
Sociology 3113 Special Topics in Sociology
Sociology 3114 Gender and Health
Sociology 3115 Food, Gender, and Health
Sociology 3116 Sociology of Violence
Sociology 3117 Monsters, Bodies, & Evil Other
Sociology 3311 Res Techniques & Data Analysis
Sociology 3312 Qualitative Methods
Sociology 3315 Humour and Society
Sociology 3410 Early Sociological Theory
Sociology 3411 Contemporary Sociology Theory
Sociology 3501 Sociology of Educ
Sociology 3505 Sociology of Work
Sociology 3513 Sociology of Aging
Sociology 3515 Life Course Studies
Sociology 3550 Gender Cont Social Life
Sociology 3613 Canadian Population
Sociology 3811 Surveillance and Society
Sociology 3818 Women in the North
Sociology 4010 Critical Public Health
Sociology 4012 Community Transitions
Sociology 4013 Food Security Rural Northern
Sociology 4014 Women, Health, and Medicine
Sociology 4033 Women and Sociological Theory
Sociology 4101 Readings in Sociology
Sociology 4103 Adv Seminar on Selected Sociol
Sociology 4105 Women and Sociological Theory
Sociology 4111 Readings in Sociology
Sociology 4113 Special Topics
Sociology 4114 Sociology of Healthcare
Sociology 4250 Law and Society
Sociology 4305 Honours Thesis Seminar
Sociology 4313 Problems & Issues in Research
Sociology 4317 Quantitative Methods
Sociology 4411 Adv Perspectives Social Theory
Sociology 4517 Society, Culture and Nature
Sociology 4551 Sociology of Food & Nutrition
Sociology 4715 Sociology of Science and Tech
Social Work 1100 Introduction to Social Welfare
Social Work 2011 Found of Social Work Practice
Social Work 2012 Human Development
Social Work 3215 Soc Work Interviewing & Comm I
Social Work 3230 Dementia Care: Case Study App
Social Work 3313 Northern Social Work Practice
Social Work 3315 Soc Work Interviewing & Com II
Social Work 3401 Theory Soc Work Prac I
Social Work 3413 Child Welfare
Social Work 3415 Treatment Drug & Alcohol Abuse
Social Work 3437 Soc Work Prac Older People
Social Work 3439 Living with Grief and Loss
Social Work 3450 Intro Case Mgmt
Social Work 3500 Field Instruction I
Social Work 3515 Life Course Studies
Social Work 3630 Soc Work Prac Children & Famil
Social Work 4055 Interprof Educ & Wellness
Social Work 4212 Soc Policy & Soc Welfare
Social Work 4213 Violence & Soc Work Prac
Social Work 4217 Soc Work Practice With Groups
Social Work 4253 Special Issues in Social Work
Social Work 4300 Theory of Social Work Practice
Social Work 4401 Theory Soc Work Prac II
Social Work 4405 Research in Social Work
Social Work 4411 Soc Work Prac & Indigenous Peo
Social Work 4500 Field Instruction II
Social Work 4501 Field Instruction II
Social Work 4610 Social Work Practice With Dive
Social Work 4770 Psychosocial Palliative Care
Social Work 4919 Special Topics I
Social Work 4939 Special Topics II