Thunder Bay • Orillia

Type B: Social Sciences - Women, Health, and Medicine

Sociology 4014 Women, Health, and Medicine
Provides a sociological analysis of women's experiences of health, illness, and the health care system. A range of contemporary women's health concerns will be addressed in the context of changing social attitudes towards health and gender roles in society. We will examine the historical and contemporary impact of medicine and science on the interpretation and management of women's social, sexual, emotional and reproductive health. Women’s participation in the health care system as consumers, social movement advocates, and as care providers will also be addressed. Rural and northern women’s experiences will be discussed in a global context.
Credit Weight: 0.5
Cross-List(s): Gender and Women's Studies 4014
Offering: 3-0; or 3-0
Notes: Gender and Women's Studies Group 1 Course
Course Classifications: Type B: Social Sciences