Schedule of Holidays and University Closings


Victoria Day

May 21
  Victoria Day

May 19
Canada Day

July 2
  Canada Day

July 1
-Statutory Holiday falls on a Sunday     Civic Holiday

August 4
Civic Holiday

August 6
FALL/WINTER SESSION 2007-2008      
Labour Day

September 3

October 8
December Study Period* November 30-December 2      
-except Education        
New Year's Day

January 1
Mid-year Study Week*

February 18-22
-Education Professional Year classes will be held      
March break for Education

March 10-14
-Professional Year students only        
Good Friday

March 21
Easter Monday

March 24
April Study Period*

April 5-6
February Study Period*

April 26
*No classes are held on these dates; however the University is open    



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