Schedule Of Academic Fees 2007-2008 continued


Co-Op Program Participation Fee

Co-op students are required to register for all three terms (Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer) and arrange to pay their Co-op Program Participation fee per four month work term(s) in full upon registration in September of each academic year. Final dates for registration and withdrawal from work terms without financial penalty are indicated in the Academic Schedule on page 8.

When a Co-op student is employed with the same employer for two or more consecutive work terms, the consecutive work terms will be equivalent to 50% of the Co-op Program Participation Fee.

Co-Op Program Participation Fee $630.00 per work term

Co-Op Study Term Fee
Four month session (Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer)
The student who has a fall or winter study term, is only required to pay 50% of the annual full time Tuition Fee, Field Trip Fee and Ancillary Fee at time of registration. For further information, please contact the Office of Financial Services, Accounts Receivable, prior to or during registration at 343-8140.

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