Miscellaneous Fees 2007-2008

Miscellaneous fees are non-refundable (see Refund Schedule for exceptions).


1. Activity Fees/LU Services portion  
Student Athletic Fee (Lakehead Campus)

Health Fee (Lakehead Campus)

Health Fee (Orillia Campus)

Athletic Building Fund Fee (Lakehead Campus)

Computer Enhancement Fee (both campuses)

Engineering Students

Engineering Equipment Endowment Fee

Nursing Student Society Fee

Outdoor Recreation ORSSDF

2. Installment Fee
(if paying tuition fees in more than one payment)

3. Co-op Work Term  

Continuing Work Term Same Employer

Engineering Degree

Environmental Studies Forest Conservation:  
Year 1

Year 2

Forestry Degree:  
Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4



Outdoor Recreation, Parks & Tourism

Science - Geography 2351

Science - Geology 4161 (fee does not include the cost of the student's food)

5. Document Evaluation Fee

6. Late Fees
(a) Late Payment Fee

(b) Late Registration Fee (Education AQ)

7. Letter of Permission
(each student who has been granted permission to take a credit course at another university or college as a part of his/her degree requirement must pay this fee)

8. Program change

9. Course Changes after the commencement of classes:  
First Term

Second Term

10. Graduation Fee
(payable in graduation year)
Not transferable or refundable.

Concurrent Degree

Rental of academic gown and hood (non-refundable)

11. Graduation Late Application Fee
Additional late application fee if application is submitted:
After Sept. 21, 2007 for Nov. 2007 grads
After Feb. 2, 2008 for May 2008 grads

12. New Student Orientation Fee

13. Replacement degree certificate

14. Special Examination, per paper
(see Regulations, VII Special Examinations, page 45)

15. Special Examination Off-campus (Presiding Fee)
North America
$50.00 + $30.00 (Special Exam fee) =

 Outside North America
$60.00 + $30.00 (Special Exam fee) =
(see Regulations, VII Special Examinations (e), page 45)

16. Fee for clearing an Incomplete
(see Regulations, V Standing, page 45)

17. Transcript fee per copy

18. Parking Fee
See Parking, on the Lakehead University Security Services website at: http://security.lakeheadu.ca
19. ID Permit (duplicate)

20. Duplicate Tax Receipt

21. Course Reappraisal Fee
(see Regulations, VI Reappraisal, page 45)

22. Graduate Thesis Microfilming Fee

23. Office of Academic Advising
Letters of Verification/Degree Audit Fee

24. Office of the Registrar
Verification of Enrolment and Other Miscellaneous Letters

25. Graduate Studies Application Fee




The Lakehead University Bookstore will, when possible, accept textbooks for cash refund. To receive this refund the following conditions must be observed:
1. Textbook must be returned before the second Friday of October when purchased for Fall term, or within 8 days of commencement of classes when purchased for any other term (Winter, Spring, Summer). The textbook to be returned must be accompanied by the Cash Register Receipt or NO refund will be made. Original price ticket should be affixed in original spot. Texts purchased "Used" are NOT returnable.
2. Textbooks must be absolutely free of all markings, either pencil or ink (including purchaser's name).
3. Lakehead University Bookstore personnel will be sole judge in determining whether books are in new and returnable condition.
4. Special Order books are NOT returnable.
5. Books purchased as peripheral reading are NOT returnable.
6. Defective books will be replaced at no charge during entire length of term for which they were purchased, and should be returned as soon as defect is noticed.

See also:
- Fees Information
- Refund Schedule
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- Full-time Undergraduate Fees (International - On Student Visa)
- Part-time Undergraduate Fees
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