Refund Schedule


To be eligible for full or partial refund, the student must first drop courses.

Students withdrawing from the fall/winter 2007-2008 terms prior to September 20, 2007 will be assessed a minimum charge of $66.00 if full-time or $21.00 if part-time. No refund of Activity Fee will be given after September 20, 2007. Field Trip charges may be refunded at the request of the Department only.

For courses shorter than 3 weeks, there is no refund after the second day of classes. No withdrawal without academic penalty will be allowed after the second day of classes.


Refund Schedules

Spring & Summer Sessions

Fall & Winter Sessions

(May to August)

(September to April)



Students withdrawing from audit courses are not eligible for any refund of fees.

Students registered in Co-operative Education courses are entitled to a full refund of the Co-op Program Participation Fee if the withdrawal occurs prior to the published withdrawal financial date.

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