VII Special Examinations

(a) The privilege of writing special examinations is limited to any undergraduate student who has:
(i) Failed the course but attained a grade of at least 40% in each course for which a special examination is requested OR
(ii) Passed the course but failed to attain the minimum grade required in the course or
(iii) Passed the course but failed to attain the required cumulative average to carry on with his/her program.
For further details concerning special examinations in Business Administration, see page 45; Education, page 60; Engineering, page 95; Forestry and the Forest Environment, page 116; Professional Schools, page 127; Science and Environmental Studies page 177; and Social Sciences and Humanities page 202.
(b) Any student who has failed to complete laboratory work, or Practice Teaching, is ineligible for special examinations.
(c) A student eligible to write special examinations may write a maximum of two full course equivalents while registered in any one program. (e.g For diploma program, HBScF degree program, HB Comm/B Admin degree program, etc. Note: Double degree programs such as BA/BEd, BSc/BEd, BA/HBOR, BSc/HBOR, etc. are considered as one program as are the BA or HBA and BSc or HBSc degree programs. Students who change programs from BA to HBA, HBA to BA, BSc to HBSc or HBSc to BSc, etc. are limited to a maximum of two full course equivalents special examinations).
(d) Normally only one special examination may be written in each course, but in exceptional circumstances permission may be given to write a special examination in a course for the second time. Applications should be sent to the Registrar and will be referred to the appropriate Dean and Department/School for consideration.
(e) A student who finds it impossible to write special examinations at Lakehead University may make arrangements, subject to the approval of the Registrar, to write at another centre. Such arrangements should be made before July 7, 2006/July 6, 2007.
(f) (i) Special examinations for courses taken during the regular fall/winter term shall be written in August.
Special examinations for fall term half courses which are prerequisite to courses prescribed by the student's program in either the winter term or the spring/summer term shall be written on January 21, 2006/January 27, 2007.
(ii) Special examinations for courses taken during either the spring or summer term shall be written in December.
(iii) Applications to write special examinations must be filed at the Office of the Registrar before July 7, 2006/July 6, 2007 (for courses in the regular fall/winter term), before the end of the first week of classes in the winter term (January 6, 2006/January 8, 2007) (for fall term half courses) which are prerequisite to winter term half courses, and before the end of September (for courses in the spring or summer terms). These applications must be accompanied by the prescribed fee, which is not refundable.
(g) In the calculation of the revised final grade, the grade obtained on a special examination is treated in exactly the same manner as the grade of the original final examination.
(h) The final letter grade and the revised letter grade will appear on the student's record. The revised final grade shall be counted in any subsequent assessment of standing. Engineering Degree students please note that any passing Special Examination mark shall carry the letter grade of "D" for application to Academic Regulation #6 on page 103.

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