V Standing


(a) The relative weight of term work, laboratory work, term tests, and final examinations, as well as eligibility rules for incomplete standing, shall be determined by the instructor and the department concerned. This information must be given to the students by the instructor at the beginning of the course.
(b) "D" is the minimum passing grade in all courses, but a higher standard is required in certain areas of concentration. Details of these requirements are clearly stated under the appropriate faculties, departments and schools.
(c) Letter grades signify the following standings:

A+ 90 to 100%
A 1st class standing 80 to 89%
B 70 to 79%
C 60 to 69%
D 50 to 59%
E Failed 40 to 49%
F Failed 1 to 39%
F Academic Dishonesty 0

The minimum grade that can be assigned for any reason other than academic dishonesty shall be 1%.
In the computation of a First Class Standing average, in addition to having attained a minimum overall average of A in the transfer credit courses, students who have completed credits at another institution must have completed a minimum of 2/3 of the courses used in the calculation of the First Class Standing average at Lakehead University.
(d) Aegrotat Standing confers credit for a course, but no estimated mark may be used in determining the granting of awards. In cases where a student misses a final examination due to illness (duly verified by a doctor's certificate submitted to the Registrar within one week after the time at which the examination was to have been written), or for other causes which may be accepted by the instructor on compassionate grounds, the instructor may if he/she considers that credit should be given for the course, enter the letters "Aeg" opposite the student's name, with an estimated mark if he/she so desires. If the instructor chooses to make such a recommendation, and if it is approved by the chair/director of the department/school concerned and the Dean of the Faculty, the designation "Aeg" shall be entered on the student's record by the Registrar.
(e) Incomplete Standing ­ An incomplete grade may, at the discretion of the instructor and in consultation with the student, be assigned to a course when the instructor considers that for a valid reason the student has not yet completed all the requirements of the course. In such cases, when a percentage grade would normally be assigned to the course, the instructor must also assign a grade for work completed to that point, expressed as a portion of the entire course mark. Courses graded on a Pass/Fail basis will be assigned an INC. Incomplete grades will not be included in the calculation of the student's average.
(f) The instructor is obliged to set the due date for the additional work in order to permit submission of the revised grade to the Registrar's Office by the dates listed below:

  Undergraduate Courses Graduate Courses
Fall term grades March 1st June 1st (or May 1st if student plans to convocate in Spring)
Winter/Full year July 1st September 1st
Spring September 1st N/A
Summer November 1st January 1st (or November 1st if student plans to convocate in Fall)

To clear an incomplete grade the student must complete the outstanding work and a Change of Grade form from the instructor must be received in the Registrar's Office by the appropriate above date. Grades that are not cleared by the appropriate above date will be converted to the numeric grade assigned and at that point will be included in the student's average. Pass/Fail courses with an INC will be converted to F.
(g) Failure, No Withdrawal (FNW) - A student who remains registered in a course but submits or performs no work required for grading will receive a final course grade of Failure, No Withdrawal (FNW). A grade of "FNW" will have no numerical value that could affect a student's average, but for academic regulation purposes the student will be deemed to have failed the course to which it is assigned.
(h) Repeating Courses - A student is permitted to repeat a course only twice.


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