It is the responsibility of each student registering at Lakehead University to be familiar with the specific requirements of the degree, diploma, or certificate which he/she seeks.

Each student is responsible for ensuring that the courses in which registration is affected satisfy the program requirements of the degree sought. Academic advice and counselling for all who need assistance are freely available.

It is also understood that every student, by the act of registering, agrees to abide by all rules and regulations of the University.

Each student is expected to be familiar with the General Information outlined in this Calendar as well as the information pertaining to the faculty or school in which he/she is enrolled.

Not all courses outlined in the Calendar are offered every year. Supplementary information regarding course offerings and course instructors will be available from the Office of the Registrar or the Faculty prior to and during September registration.

Courses not offered this academic year (fall/winter terms) are indicated by the words "NOT OFFERED THIS YEAR" below the course description. Nevertheless, students should refer to the Timetable as a final check.


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