The Native Nurses Entry program is a nine month preparation program for individuals of Aboriginal descent (status, non-status, Métis or Inuit) who plan to enter the BScN program. The preparation program is designed to provide the necessary skills and academic preparation required for successful completion of the four (4) year nursing degree program.

The program is based on two (2) terms of twelve (12) weeks each, as well as a two (2) week field experience. The student may choose field experiences in their own community or other Native health settings.


Those who will be considered for admission to this program include:

1. mature students, extraordinary students or college/transfer students NOT meeting the BScN required admission criteria (see Admission Requirements and Registration, page 31 and 32)

2. health care workers, e.g. Community Health Representatives (CHRs) and Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs), who have a minimum of Ontario Grade 10 or equivalent.

As well, all applicants are required to submit proof of recent upgrading (within the last 5 years) in Biology and Chemistry - preferably Gr. 10 Academic or Applied Science and Gr. 11 U or C Chemistry, or the equivalent.


In addition to the University Regulations, page 39, and the Faculty of Professional Schools Regulations, page 127 of this Calendar, the following regulations of the School of Nursing also apply to students in this program.

Students must attain:
(a) a mark of 60% in Nursing 1110, 1130 and 1150, as well as
(b) a grade of "pass" for Nursing 1092
(c) a minimum mark of 50% in each other course,
in addition to
(d) a minimum overall average of 70% (Applicants below this level may be considered on an individual basis.),
for entry to Year 1 of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.



The program consists of the following courses:
(a) Nursing 1092, 1110, 1120, 1130, 1150
(b) Chemistry 1060
(c) English 1807
(d) Mathematics 1120



Courses not offered this academic year (fall/winter terms) are indicated by the words "NOT OFFERED THIS YEAR" below the course description. Nevertheless, students should refer to the Timetable as a final check.

(Information about Course Numbering System)

Nursing 1092
Field Experience for Native Nursing Students
Prerequisite: Nursing 1110 and 1130
This course is designed to provide the opportunity to apply the theory and practice the skills learned in Nursing 1110 and N1130. The student may choose an Aboriginal health related setting in their home community or in Thunder Bay.
A two week non-credit required course.

Nursing 1110
Communication for Native Students
3-0; 0-0
A practice-oriented course that examines selected aspects of communication theory related to professional nursing and cross- cultural communication. Students will be engaged in a variety of learning experiences including small group discussions, observation, role playing and simulation.

Nursing 1120
Introduction to Human Biology for Native Nursing Students
3-2; 3-2
An introductory course that will examine the structure, function, and role of major body systems. The student will become familiar with biology terminology; apply scientific method for recording, observation, and reporting data; apply biological principles in relation to health disease - processes; and, be able to draw relationships between biology and the other health sciences.

Nursing 1130
Professional Orientation for Native Nursing Students
0-0; 3-0
An introduction to the nursing profession including: history of nursing; history of Native nursing; Native health services and impact on health; roles and different levels of nurses. Guest speakers, including Native Elders and health professionals will present topics on: culture, values and cultural change; traditional approaches to health care; child rearing practices; and social and health problems arising from family disorientation.

Nursing 1150
Study Skills/Logical Reasoning
3-0; or 0-0
Formal instruction will cover such topics as time management; effective listening and note taking; how to research and write a term paper; memory learning; reading efficiently and summarizing textbooks; exam writing; giving seminars. Students will also complete a self-directed program on logical reasoning and reading comprehension that will improve problem-solving techniques.


Chemistry 1060
Introductory Chemistry
Course description may be found on page 167 (Department of Chemistry).

English 1807
Writing Skills for Students in the Native Nurses Entry Program
Course description may be found on page 211 (Department of English).

*Mathematics 1120
Mathematics for Nursing
*Diploma course not acceptable for degree credit.
Course description may be found on page 192 (Department of Mathematical Sciences).

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