Distributed Learning Academic Schedule 2008-2009

Thursday Start


Classes Start

Classes End

Final Date for Registration

Final Date for Course Withdrawal Without Academic Penalty



Marks Due by noon
Spring Session 2008              
Spring Full and Half Courses

May 1

June 12

May 6

May 12

June 14

June 26
Spring/Summer Session 2008              
Spring/Summer Full and Half Courses

May 1

July 24

May 6

May 21

July 26

August 7
Summer Session 2008              
Summer Full and Half Courses

July 7

August 14

July 10

July 16

August 16

August 28
Fall/Winter Session 2008-2009              
Fall Term Courses 

September 4

November 27*

September 18

November 3

December 6

December 18
Full Term Courses

 September 4

April 3

September 18

February 9

December 6

April 18

April 30
Winter Term Courses

January 5

April 3

January 14

March 6

April 18

April 30
*November 27th is reserved for makeup classes due to the Thanksgiving long weekend. November 27th is for classes normally held on Mondays.
Spring Session 2009              
Spring Full and Half Courses

May 4

June 11

May 7

May 13

June 13

June 25
Spring/Summer Session 2009              
Spring/Summer Full and Half Courses

May 4

July 23

May 7

May 22

July 25

August 6
Summer Session 2009              
Summer Full and Half Courses

July 6

August 13

July 9

July 15

August 15

August 27

Potential learners who are interested in taking Distributed Learning courses must first apply to the University. Please refer to the Admissions section for the application process.

Spring and/or Summer courses with insufficient enrolment will be cancelled 1 week prior to the first day of classes.
For courses shorter than 3 weeks, no withdrawal without academic penalty will be allowed after the second day of classes.



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