VI Reappraisal


After discussion of a disputed final course mark with an instructor, the Chair/Director, and the Faculty Dean, a formal request for reappraisal/review must be made to the Registrar by: March 1, or the next working day, for courses completed in the fall term; or October 1, or the next working day, for courses completed in the winter, spring, or summer terms. In the case of incomplete or deferred grades, the deadline is twenty working days after receipt of these grades, whether mailed or posted on the University Web Site. In the case of disagreement of the reappraisal result, the student is advised to carefully note the much shorter deadline of the Academic Appeals Committee, which is based on receipt of registered mail. The Course Reappraisal Fee (see Fees, page 12) must be enclosed with the application for each course mark to be reappraised/reviewed. Normally requests will be considered for up to a maximum of two full course equivalents.

In the case of a course mark with no practicum component, the request will be for a reappraisal and this request will be forwarded by the Office of the Registrar to the Dean of the Faculty concerned. The Dean shall establish within 5 working days a committee composed of three faculty members, one of whom shall be from the home academic unit (excluding the course instructor), one from a cognate academic unit, and the Chair to be appointed by the Dean from a cognate academic unit.

In the case of a disputed practicum course mark, the reappraisal is replaced with a formal review procedure in the academic unit offering the course. The request for review will be forwarded by the Office of the Registrar to the Dean of the Faculty concerned, who will request the Director/Chair of the academic unit concerned to establish within 5 working days a review committee based on the approved process in that academic unit. A copy of this review procedure is available from the Chair/Director.

No person who is biased for or against either the instructor or the student shall act as a member of any reappraisal/review committee. In the case of both a reappraisal and a review, a formal meeting must be held at which the instructor (or delegate) and the student (or delegate) shall be present. Failure of the student (or delegate) to attend without valid reason shall result in a reappraisal/review being deemed to have finally been abandoned and no further appeals will be allowed. Both the instructor and the student will be given access to all the materials received by the Committee and shall be given full opportunity to present their cases and to respond. In the appeal of any course mark, each of the instructor (or delegate) and the student (or delegate) may be accompanied to the reappraisal/review meeting by a member of the University community, who may act as an observer.

The decision of the reappraisal/review committee including reasons therefor will be forwarded to the Registrar through the Dean. Applicants will be informed of the results of their request by the Registrar. The fee will be refunded only if the mark is raised.

It should be understood that if the mark is changed, the new mark whether higher or lower than the original, replaces it as the student's official mark in the course.

After all normal procedures of the University have failed to resolve the grievance of a disputed course mark, the student may appeal to the Senate Academic Appeal Committee, which acts as the final appeal for students in all cases concerning academic grievances, except those pursued under the auspices of the "Code of Student Behaviour and Disciplinary Procedures".

The Senate Academic Appeal Procedure and Procedural Guidelines for Hearings and Formal Hearings are available from the Executive Assistant to the President.

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