X Withdrawal


(a) Withdrawal from Courses and/or the University:
Students who wish to withdraw from courses and/or the University must do so through Lakehead University's Web access. Students should refer to the "Course Registration, Addition & Withdrawal Dates" and "Refund Schedule" sections of the Calendar for deadline dates.
(b) Withdrawals will not be permitted after the posted deadline date. The student will receive a mark based on the work completed and the mark will be counted as part of the student's average except in the circumstances described in Regulation V (g) above.
(c) Petitions:
Late withdrawal without academic penalty may be allowed in cases of illness or other compelling circumstances. A student seeking withdrawal for such reasons must petition the Registrar in writing within two months of the release of final grades, with supporting documentation. In the case of illness a Medical Certificate is required. The Registrar will then consult with the instructor or, if the instructor is not accessible, the Chair/Director of the instructor's academic unit. If the petition is granted, "W" (withdrew) will be assigned to the course. "W" is not considered a mark. In all other cases withdrawal from courses is not permitted after the deadline has passed.


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