Professor and Dean B. Dadgostar
Associate Professor and Program Chair, CurriculumYears III and IV R.M. Isotalo
Professor and Program Chair, Curriculum Years I and II G.E. Phillips
Professors B. Dadgostar,
  G.E. Phillips
Associate Professors I.J. Dawood,
  L. Geng,
  N. Gradojevic, 
  K.R. Hartviksen
  R.M. Isotalo,
  B.J. Poulin,
  N.A. Sayed,
  A. Serenko,
  M. Zahaf 
Assistant Professors T.T. Hardie,
  C. Jiao, 
  X. Wang
Professors Emeriti of Business Administration D.H. Alexander,
  R.W. Archibald,
  R.A. Cameron,
  W.R. Crowe,
  H.D. Elmslie,
  S.B. Handford,
  A.C. Hensel,
  W.C. Honey,
  J.C. Thatcher
Lecturers D. Richards,
  H. Zhang


The Faculty of Business Administration offers two degree programs:
(a) The Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree, a four year program after Ontario OAC.
(b) The Bachelor of Administration degree, a one year program after completion of the first two years of the Honours Bachelor of Commerce program.

Each program has been designed to meet the educational needs of a wide variety of people. The first two years of the Honours Bachelor of Commerce program reflect an underlying belief that effective management and administrative practices are essential in an increasingly complex and changing society. The central objective of both programs is to prepare participants to more effectively deal with this complexity and change. Hence, the Faculty places substantial emphasis on recent developments and techniques and focuses on the future. Using a varied mix of teaching techniques including the case study method, computer games and simulations, reading seminars, group project work, role-playing, and traditional text and lecture methods, participants are exposed to learning situations which increase both their analytical skills and their flexibility in decision-making.

Honours Bachelor Of Commerce Degree

The Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree program has been designed to provide students with exposure to all aspects of management in business and industry. The objective of the program is to adequately prepare students to deal with the increasingly complex and dynamic environment in which business and industry must operate. Hence, considerable emphasis is placed on techniques and conceptual analytical skills which increase an individual's ability to cope with change and uncertainty. Consistent with this emphasis, focus is placed on the more creative aspects of decision-making and problem-solving in a business context. The program has a strong core of required courses designed to familiarize students with the broad scope of management functions. In addition, individuals will be required to select a major area of study. Majors include: Accounting, General Management, Human Resources Management/Industrial Relations, Information Systems, Marketing, Business Economics, Business Finance, International Business.

In addition to selecting a major, students may select a minor as part of their program. Minors consist of 3 or 4 specified half-course equivalents beyond the second year level. Minors are available in Business Finance, Human Resources Management/Industrial Relations, Marketing, and Accounting.

Students may only register in the minor programs in years 3 and/or 4 of the Bachelor of Commerce Program. To obtain a minor designation within their program of studies, students must successfully complete the designated courses.

Honours Bachelor of Commerce five year, co-operative programs are available for interested and qualified students in Accounting, Business Finance, Human Resources Management/Industrial Relations, Information Systems, and Marketing. Students may apply for admission to the program upon satisfactory completion of courses specified within the chosen discipline. Students accepted into the co-operative program will be required to successfully complete all required academic course work and normally four additional required work term placements.

Bachelor Of Administration Degree

The Bachelor of Administration degree program has been designed to provide students with courses which increase awareness and understanding of fundamental principles and practices essential to efficient, effective administration.

At a time when administration practices are playing an increasingly important role in our society, the needs for proficient administrative personnel are greater than ever before. These increased needs are reflected in the proliferation of courses and programs sponsored by a growing number of professional agencies, associations and institutes. The Bachelor of Administration program has been carefully rationalized to help meet these needs.

The program has been developed in such a manner as to provide an opportunity for individuals who wish to pursue careers in administration. It is oriented towards administrative practitioners who wish to familiarize themselves with new analytical skills and techniques essential for their professional career development.


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