Professor and Dean J. O'Meara
Professor and Chair, Undergraduate Studies in Education P. Allingham
Associate Professor and Chair, Graduate Studies and Research in Education C.L. Russell
Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Lifelong Learning in Education S.A. Agbo
Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Aboriginal Education E.B. Gardner
Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair J.M. Iseke-Barnes
Professors F. Blaikie,
  M.C. Courtland,
  J. Epp,
  H.A. Fennell,
  S. Grover,
  J. O'Meara,
  T. Puk,
  M.H. Rahim,
  R. Sweet,
  D.J. Thom
Associate Professors S.A. Agbo,
  P.V. Allingham,
  A. Bartley,
  P.H. Brady,
  B. Cuthbertson (Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism), 
  W. Epp,
  E.B. Gardner,
  J.M. Iseke-Barnes,
  R.J.L. Jickling,
  A. Kajander, 
  D. Kerr,
  L. Korteweg, 
  A. Lawson,
  W.S. Melville, 
  G. Passmore,
  C.L. Russell,
  T. Socha,
  C. Van Barneveld
Assistant Professors P. Berger,
  J.M. Chambers,
  J.K. Reynolds,
  G. Walton, 
  D.E. Wawia,
  S.J. Wolf
Adjunct Professors K. Black (NOSM)
  M. Breunig,
  M. Lindsay,
  D. McGregor,
  T. O'Connell,
  J. Shores (NOSM),
Coordinator, Professional Development in Education S. Chase
Coordinator, Professional Experiences L. Strey
Coordinator, Native Language Instructors' Program C. Neckoway
Coordinator, Native Teacher Education Program S. Bebonang
Professors Emeriti of Education J.T. Angus,
  J.D. Bates,
  D.H. Botly,
  A.D. Bowd,
  S.P. Dromisky,
  J.M. Haines,
  J.H. Kelleher,
  D. Klassen,
  R.W. McLeod,
  F.E.A. Osborn-Seyffert,
  J.A. Pylypiw,
  M.H. Richardson,
  P.J. Rutherford,
  G.D. Stephenson

The Faculty of Education offers:
(a) pre-service programs leading, concurrently, to a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, a four-year Bachelor of Arts - Bachelor of Education (Native Education) degree for students of Native ancestry, and one-year consecutive Bachelor of Education programs for holders of approved university degrees. These programs prepare teachers for both elementary and secondary teaching. These programs prepare teachers for both elementary and secondary school teaching.

These programs meet Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) requirements for a Teacher's Certificate of Qualification for Ontario which will permit the holder to teach in Ontario Schools.

(b) Lifelong Learning Programs for teachers and the general public:
(i) five categories of professional development for certificated teachers:
1. Additional and Additional Basic Qualifications
2. Professional Learning Courses
3. Principles' Qualification Program
4. Professional Development Workshops
5. Bachelor of Education (Extension) Degree Program
(ii) Native Language Instructors' Diploma Program (NLIP), a four-year Summer School program designed to meet the needs of people who will be instructing in a Native Language environment
(iii) Lifelong Learning workshops for the general public (see page 86).

(c) Graduate Studies leading to a Master of Education Degree (see page 278) or a joint PhD in Educational Studies (see page 282).

Inquiries Concerning Admission

Inquiries concerning admission and general program information should be directed to the Office of Admissions and Recruitment, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 5E1.

Ongoing Professional Development

The Faculty of Education offers courses that lead to Additional Qualifications (AQ), Additional Basic Qualifications (ABQ), and Principals' Qualifications, as well as credit for the Professional Learning Program (PLP). (See page 86).









A. One-Year
Bachelor of Education (BEd)

B. Concurrent
Bachelor of
Education (BEd)

(a) Concurrent
Honours Bachelor Degree Programs

(b) Concurrent
Bachelor Degree Programs

(i) Primary-Junior Specialization

(ii) Junior-Intermediate Specialization

(iii) Intermediate-Senior Specialization


Programs and Courses

Honours Bachelor of Education (Aboriginal Education)

Native Teacher Education Programs (NTEP)

Native Language Instruction (NLIP)




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