Responsibility for graduate studies resides with the Senate of the University. The Senate is advised on graduate matters by the Faculty of Graduate Studies Council. This Council is administered through the Office of Graduate and International Studies. It is the responsibility of this Council, through its Chair, to provide leadership in all matters pertaining to graduate studies.

Graduate Programs

The University offers courses of study leading to the following graduate degrees:
- Master of Arts (MA) in Clinical Psychology, Economics, English, History, Mathematical Sciences, Sociology;
- Master of Science (MSc) in Biology, Chemistry, Experimental Psychology, Geology, Kinesiology, Mathematical Sciences, Physics;
- Master of Education (MEd) in Studies in Education;
- Master of Science in Engineering (MScEng) in Control Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Environmental Engineering;
- Master of Environmental Studies (MES) in Nature-Based Recreation and Tourism, Northern Environments and Cultures;
- Master of Forestry (MF)
- Master of Science in Forestry (MScF);
- Master of Social Work (MSW)
- Master of Public Health (MPH)
- Master of Management (M(Mgt))
- Master of Science in Management (MSc(Mgt))
- Doctor of Philosphy (PhD) in Biotechnology, Clinical Psychology, Educational Studies, Forest Sciences.

Collaborative Programs
- Specialization in Gerontology (Education, Kinesiology, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology)
- Specialization in Women's Studies (Education, English, History, Psychology, Public Health, Social Work, Sociology)
To be accepted into a Collaborative Program, students must first be admitted to the master's program of a collaborating academic unit.

Graduate Diploma
-Health Services and Policy Research
The Graduate Diploma in Health Services and Policy Research is offered in conjunction with a master's or doctoral degree (Economics, Public Health, Social Work, Sociology).

Master's Regulations


Doctoral Regulations


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