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Acceptable Science Courses for Education

Type C Science courses acceptable for students in Concurrent Education (either as science electives or for science teachables) can be chosen from Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Physics.

Only the courses listed below from Anthropology, Environmental Science, General Science, Geography, and Natural Resources Management  are acceptable for Science credit:


Anthropology 1032 Intro Bio Anthropology & Archaeology
Anthropology 2110 Biology of Human Variation
Anthropology 2112 Human Evolution
Anthropology 2118 Tracing Human Migrations
Anthropology 2137 Fundamentals of Archaeology I
Anthropology 3010 Geoarchaeology
Anthropology 3118 Scientific Applications in Archaeology
Anthropology 3133 Environmental Archaeology/ENST
Anthropology 3136 Forensic Anthropology
Anthropology 3138 Intro DNA Molecular Methods/BIOL
Anthropology 3139 Molecular Anthropology/BIOL
Anthropology 3455 Stable Isotopes in Bioanthropology
Anthropology 3715 Plagues and Peoples
Anthropology 4114 Human Impacts on Environment/ENST
Anthropology 4219 Human Skeletal & Dental Biology
Anthropology 4417 DNA in Forensic Science
Anthropology 4419 Ancient DNA
Anthropology 4429 Ancient DNA Internship
Anthropology 4430 Molecular Paleopathology
Anthropology 4450 Forensic & Archaeological Microscopy
Anthropology 4505 Advanced Biological Anthropology

Environmental Science

Environmental Studies 1150 The Environment/GEOG
Environmental Studies 1170 The Environment w/Lab/GEOG
Environmental Studies 1111 Planet Earth/GEOL 1110
Environmental Studies 1112 Planet Earth With Lab/GEOL 1111
Environmental Studies 1131 Crust of the Earth/GEOL 1130
Environmental Studies 1132 Crust of the Earth With Lab/ GEOL 1131
Environmental Studies 2110 Fuel & Combustion Chemistry II
Environmental Studies 2210 Introductory Ecology/BIOL
Environmental Studies 2219 Geochemistry/GEOL
Environmental Studies 2331 Climatology/GEOG
Environmental Studies 2351 Geomorphology
Environmental Studies 2610 Northern Environmental Chem/CHEM
Environmental Studies 3133 Environmental Archaeology/BIOL
Environmental Studies 3311 Environmental Geomorphology/GEOG
Environmental Studies 3312 Environmental Geology/GEOL 3311
Environmental Studies 3313 Ecological Struc in Northern Envi/BIOL
Environmental Studies 3314 Introduction to Soil Science
Environmental Studies 3317 Fluvial Geomorphology/GEOG
Environmental Studies 3331 Environmental Climatology/GEOG
Environmental Studies 3410 Depositional Environments/GEOL
Environmental Studies 3610 Environmental Biology/BIOL
Environmental Studies 4011 Environmental Geochemistry/CHEM, GEOL
Environmental Studies 4114 Human Impacts on Environment/ANTH
Environmental Studies 4115 Biology of Disturbed Habitats/BIOL
Environmental Studies 4351 Global Climate Change/GEOG
Environmental Sustainability 1033 Intro Environ Sustainability
Environmental Sustainability 2033 Inquiry Environmental Methods
Environmental Sustainability 3033 Aquatic Res Plan & Manage
Environmental Sustainability 3073 Environmental Biotechnology
Environmental Sustainability 3112 Bioremediation
Environmental Sustainability 3113 Biomonitoring of the Environment
Environmental Sustainability 3811 Energy and the Environment
Environmental Sustainability 4110 Freshwater Ecology
Environmental Sustainability 4111 Materials, Manufact and Waste

General Science

General Science 1000 Topics in Science
General Science 2010 Meteorology I
General Science 2310 Astronomy I
General Science 2330 Astronomy II


Geography 1150 The Environment/ENST
Geography 1170 The Environment w/Lab/ENST
Geography 2331 Climatology/ENST
Geography 2351 Geomorphology/ENST
Geography 3311 Environmental Geomorphology/ENST
Geography 3313 Introduction to Soil Science/GEOL
Geography 3315 Glacial Systems
Geography 3317 Fluvial Geomorphology/ENST
Geography 3331 Environmental Climatology/ENST
Geography 4333 Advanced Glacial Geomorphology
Geography 4351 Global Climate Change/ENST

Natural Resources Management

Natural Resources Management 2050 Flowering Plant Taxonomy
Natural Resources Management 2110 Forest Soils & Water
Natural Resources Management 2370 FIre Ecology & Management
Natural Resources Management 3213 Forest Pathology
Natural Resources Management 3217 Forest Entomology
Natural Resources Management 3232 Conservation Biology
Natural Resources Management 3450 Biology of the Fungi
Natural Resources Management 4252 Conservation Ecology