Thunder Bay • Orillia

Undergraduate Courses

Lakehead University offers courses at the undergraduate level in the following faculties and subjects. Students should consult the Programs section of the Calendar for information about the specific course requirements for their undergraduate programs as well as the academic regulations for the departments/schools offering these courses.

University Seminar Courses

University Seminar (UNIV) Courses

Faculty of Business Administration

Business (BUSI) Courses (Thunder Bay Campus)
Business (BUSI) Courses (Orillia Campus)

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences

Gerontology (GERO) Courses
Kinesiology (KINE) Courses
Nursing (NURS)
Psychology (PSYC) Courses
Social Work (SOWK) Courses

Faculty of Natural Resources Management

Natural Resources Management (NRMT) Courses

Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies

Anthropology (ANTH) Courses
Applied Bio-Molecular Science (APBI) Courses
Bioinformatics (BIOI) Courses
Biology (BIOL) Courses
Chemistry (CHEM) Courses
Computer Science (COMP) Courses
Economics (ECON) Courses
Environmental Studies (ENST) Courses
Environmental Sustainability (ENSU) Courses (O)
General Science (GSCI) Courses
Geoarchaeology (GEOA) Courses
Geography (GEOG) Courses
Geology (GEOL) Courses
Mathematics (MATH) Courses
Physics (PHYS) Courses
Water Resource Science (WATE) Courses

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Classics Language (CLAS) Courses
Criminology (CRIM) Courses
English (ENGL) Courses
Finnish Language (FINN) Courses
French Language (FREN) Courses
German (GERM)Courses
History (HIST) Courses
Indigenous Learning (INDI) Courses
Interdisciplinary Studies (INTD) Courses (O)
Italian Language (ITAL) Courses
Language (LANG) Courses
Latin Language (LATI) Courses
Linguistics (LING) Courses
Mandarin (MAND) Courses
Media, Film, and Communications (MDST) Courses (O)
Music (MUSI) Courses
Native Access (NACC) Courses
Northern Studies (NORT) Courses
Outdoor Recreation (OUTD)
Philosophy (PHIL) Courses
Political Science (POLI) Courses
Religious Studies (RELI) Courses
Sociology (SOCI) Courses
Spanish Language (SPAN) Courses
Visual Arts (VISU) Courses
Women's Studies (WOME) Courses

Faculty of Law

Law (LAWS) Courses

Faculty of Medicine

Medicine (MEDS) Courses