Thunder Bay • Orillia

Bachelor of Administration(TB)

One Year program


(a) Satisfactory completion of Year II - Honours Bachelor of Commerce with an overall average of at least 60% based on all Year II courses.
(b) The student must meet the prerequisite for each elective selected.


Satisfactory completion of Year III - B. Admin. with an overall average of at least 60% in courses used as credit for Year III - Business Administration.

Third Year:

Business 3431 - Business Policy 0.5

Business 3058 - Human Resources Management

*3.0 Full Course Equivalent Electives - Open Business 3.0
*1.0 Full Course Equivalent Elective - Open 1.0

A maximum of 1.5 Full Course Equivalent Electives may be taken from any one of the following major areas of concentration:
1. Accounting or
2. Business Finance or
3. Human Resources Management/Industrial Relations or
4. Information Systems/Management Science/Operations Management or
5. Marketing
See Faculty of Business Administration Course Numbering System.

1. Core courses cannot be used as elective courses in the program.
2. The courses for Part-time Students and Non-Business Majors, shown in the Course Numbering System list, are not normally accepted as electives.
3. Students cannot choose a first year course as an elective (a course which starts with a number 1) in the graduating year.
4. Students should consult the Program Chair for advice if in doubt.

Note: The Indigenous Content Requirement is being met by the successful completion of the following required Business courses: Business 1011 or Business 1511, Business 2038, and Business 3017