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Faculty Regulations

Business Administration Regulations

It is the responsibility of each student registered at Lakehead University to be familiar with the specific requirements of the degree, diploma or certificate which he/she seeks.

Each student is responsible for ensuring that the courses in which registration is affected satisfy the program requirements of the degree sought. Academic advice and counselling for all who need assistance are freely available.

It is also understood that every student, by the act of registering, agrees to abide by all rules and regulations of the University.

Each student is expected to be familiar with the General Information outlined in this Calendar as well as the information pertaining to the faculty or school in which he/she is enrolled.

1. A student who successfully completes the courses as indicated in his/her program of study will have his/her year level incremented as follows:
Year 1 = < 4 full course equivalents
Year 2 = 4 to < 9 full course equivalents
Year 3 = 9 to < 14 full course equivalents
Year 4 = > 14

2. A student carrying additional courses must count those courses, for regulation purposes, as part of his/her academic load.

3. A student who has failed a course or courses may write a special examination as outlined in regulation VII (Special Examinations).

4. A student is deemed to have failed the year if:
(a) the student has failed more than two full courses or their equivalent; or
(b) the student has failed more than one full course or equivalent with marks of less than 40%; or
(c) the student attains an overall average of less than 50% in all courses; or
(d) the student has a failure of more than one full course or its equivalent after special examinations have been given, whether the student writes them or not.

5. In a failed year, course credit is retained for only those courses in which a minimum mark of 60% has been attained.

6. A student having failed no more than one full course (or its equivalent) of the year's work after special examinations will be permitted to take courses in the succeeding year of the program.

7. A student who has failed a year is eligible to apply for re-admission to the University. A student will normally be granted the privilege of repeating one year only.

8. First Class Standing (FCS) (Honours Bachelor of Commerce - HBComm and Bachelor of Administration - BAdmin)
(a) FCS for HBComm students will be calculated by using all Lakehead University course marks, taken to satisfy the degree requirements of 3rd and 4th year.
(b) FCS for BAdmin students will be calculated by using all Lakehead University course marks, taken to satisfy the degree requirements of 3rd year.

In the computation of a First Class Standing average, in addition to having attained a minimum overall average of A in the transfer credit courses, students who have completed credits at another institution must have completed a minimum of 2/3 of the courses used in the calculation of the First Class Standing average at Lakehead University.

9. A student in the Faculty of Business Administration who wishes to graduate from Lakehead University must complete a minimum of ten courses for the Honours Bachelor of Commerce Program and a minimum of 5 courses for the Bachelor of Administration Program, including all of the requirements for the final year of his/her program (the last five courses), at Lakehead.

Under exceptional circumstances*, a student with at least ten credits from Lakehead University, accepted as credits toward a Faculty of Business Administration program may apply to the Registrar who, with the approval of the chair concerned and the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, may grant permission to the student to take a maximum of one Full Course Equivalent of the non-business course(s) included in the final year of his/her program at another university. The provision does not apply to College Transfer Students. A student who is admitted to the third year of a Faculty of Business Administration program through the College Transfer Program must complete all of the third year (Bachelor of Administration) or third and fourth year (Honours Bachelor of Commerce) course requirements at Lakehead University.

* It is expected that this provision will be applied very rarely; "exceptional circumstances" would not include, for example, disruption of the usual sequence of the program caused by failures in or withdrawals from courses of the program which delay the completion date.

"Course" or "credit" refers to a Full Course (three hours per week for two terms or equivalent).