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Geoarchaeology Programs Information

Program Coordinator M.J. Boyd
Program Committee  
(Anthropology) M.J. Boyd
(Anthropology) S. Hamilton
(Anthropology/Interdisciplinary Studies) T. Kaiser
(Anthropology) J.D. Stewart (Emeritus)
(Geography) T.A. Randall
(Geography) K. Zaniewski
(Geology) G.J. Borradaile (Emeritus)
(Geology) A.G. Conly
(Geology) P.W. Fralick
(Geology) S.A. Kissin (Emeritus)


Geoarchaeology represents the application of geographical and geological concepts and methods to aid in the interpretation of the archaeological record of ancient human societies. The Geoarchaeology program integrates a series of relevant courses taught in the Departments of Anthropology, Geography and Geology.

Three year BSc and four year HBSc programs in Geoarchaeology are offered. A combination of required courses and suggested electives provides a foundation of technical skills and concepts applicable to Geoarchaeological inference.

Majors in Geoarchaeology are advised to consult with the Program Committee Chair in planning their program. Students entering or proceeding in Honours programs must seek counselling for thesis planning in year three of their program. Students are advised to choose the elective courses carefully to ensure that they have taken the prerequisites needed for their second, third and fourth year elective course choices.

The following Geoarchaeology program offerings are available:
Each program is marked with a TB, O or W designation to distinguish where each program is available.
(TB = Thunder Bay campus, O = Orillia campus, W = online)

BSc (Geoarchaeology Major)(TB)
Honours BSc (Geoarchaeology Major)(TB)
BSc (Geoarchaeology Major) 4 Yr(TB)