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Honours BASc (Environmental Sustainability Major) Co-op Option(O)

Five Year program
Continuation in the Co-op Option will be contingent on maintaining an overall average of 70% in each term. A Co-op student who obtains less than a 70% average for the course work of any term or who fails any course may be placed on probation for the following academic term. A student who does not remove the probationary standing by the end of the next academic term will be dismissed from the Co-op Option. A Co-op student who fails the year will be dismissed from the Co-op Option. Work term credits are not applicable towards the completion of the non co-op HBASc Environmental Sustainability degree.

Graduation from the Co-operative Option of the HBASc in Environmental Sustainability requires, in addition to all academic requirements, satisfactory completion of Environmental Sustainability 1913, 2913, 3913 and 4913 (see course descriptions for further details). Students unable to complete all co-op placements will graduate with a non co-op degree.

Students in the Co-op Option are not guaranteed work term positions. Placements are posted in the Employment and Co-operative Education Centre; students must apply. Employers make decisions on a competitive basis.

Note: The Indigenous Content Requirement is being fulfilled by Indigenous Learning 2054/Natural Resources Management 2054.

First Year (Fall and Winter Term):
(a) Environmental Sustainability 1033
(b) Biology 1110 and 1130
(c) Geography 1150
(d) Geology 1130
(e) Mathematics 0210 or 0212
(f) Chemistry 2610
(g) One and one-half FCE electives (Natural Resources Management 1010 recommended)

Second Year (Fall and Winter Term):
(a) Environmental Sustainability 2033
(b) Biology 2210 and 2711
(c) Economics 2212
(d) Natural Resources Management 2054/Indigenous Learning 2054
(e) Geography 2232
(f) Geography 2331 and Geography 2351 or 3313
(g) Environmental Sustainability 2111
(h) One-half FCE elective

Second Year (Spring/Summer Term):
(a) Environmental Sustainability 1913 (Co-op Work Term)

Third Year (Fall Term):
(a) Environmental Sustainability 3013, 3033 and 3053
(b) Environmental Sustainability 4010
(c) Biology 3610

Third Year (Winter Term):
(a) Environmental Sustainability 3073
(b) Two FCE electives

Third Year (Spring/Summer Term):
(a) Environmental Sustainability 2913 (Co-op Work Term)

Fourth Year (Fall Term):
(a) Environmental Sustainability 3913 (Co-op Work Term)

Fourth Year (Winter Term):
(a) Environmental Sustainability 4033
(b) Biology 4711
(c) Environmental Sustainability 4111
(d) One FCE electives

Fifth Year (Fall Term):
(a) Environmental Sustainability 4013
(b) Environmental Sustainability 4110
(c) Geography 3471 or Environmental Sustainability 3111
(d) One FCE electives

Fifth Year (Winter Term):
(a) Environmental Sustainability 4913 (Co-op Work Term)


Not all courses will be offered in every year.

Anthropology 4111/Environmental Studies 4111 - Ecological and Environmental Anthropology
Anthropology 4114/Environmental Studies 4114 - Human Impacts on the Environment
Biology 3114 - Plant Ecology I
Biology 3151 - Biogeography
Biology 3671 - Evolutionary Concepts
Biology 4115/Environmental Studies 4115 - Ecology of Disturbed Habitats
Biology 4117 - Advances in Contemporary Ecology
Biology 4430 - Wetland Ecology
Chemistry 1110 - Introductory Chemistry I
Chemistry 1130 - Introductory Chemistry II
English 1015 - Introduction to Academic Writing
English 3954 - Ecocriticism
Geography 2251 - Geographical Inquiry and Interpretation
Geography 3311/Environmental Studies 3311 - Environmental Geomorphology
Geography 3331/Environmental Studies 3331 - Environmental Climatology
Geography 3411/Environmental Studies 3411 - Resource Management and Sustainability
Geography 3431/Environmental Studies 3431 - Geography of Energy
Geography 3731 - Urban Residential Structure
Geography 4351/Environmental Studies 4351 - Climatology: Climate Change
Geography 4771 - Sustainable Communities
Geology 2214 - Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks
Geology 3311/Environmental Studies 3312 - Environmental Geology
Geology 3410/Environmental Studies 3410 - Depositional Environments
History 2010 - Environmental History: A Global View
Indigenous Learning 3435/Environmental Studies 3435/Northern Studies 3435 - Native People and the Land
Psychology 3211 - Environmental Psychology
Sociology 4517/Environmental Studies 4517/Anthropology 4517 - Society, Culture and Nature