Thunder Bay • Orillia

Master of Science in Computer Science (Project) (TB)

Project-based Program Option 

Students in the Course-based program option that demonstrate academic excellence may be allowed to transfer to the Project based program option after their second term in the program.

The requirements for the project-based MSc program are 5 full-course equivalent (FCE) made up of:

a. Computer Science 5015, 5111, 5112

b. 2.5 FCEs Computer Science Graduate electives

c. Computer Science 5800 Research Project

A student may register for a maximum number of courses as follows unless permission is granted by the Graduate Coordinator:

 -1.5 FCE in Fall Term

 -1.5 FCE in Winter Term

 -0.5 FCE in Spring and 0.5 FCE in Summer Term

NOTE: Students in this program must complete all requirements within six terms (2 years) of continuous registration. Moreover, the minimum number of academic terms required for graduation is five.